What is a Possible Root Canal Alternative?

There are various complications of root canals, which force the patients to think about a root canal alternative. The great news for such patients is that there are quite a few alternatives available for root canal.

Some reports suggest that more than 30,000,000 people are undergoing root canal in US alone. The unfortunate fact is not all these people would have had a necessity to go through root canal. Therefore, it is advised to make use of diagnosis to know whether root canal is necessary and you should also collect the opinion of the other dentists you know. You should try your maximum to conserve your teeth especially if you are not suffering from much pain.

Only those people who cannot find enough solution with high quality crowns or fillings should consider root canal. The reason why dentist could suggest a root canal instead of crowns or fillings will vary from one person to another. The low profit that the dentists get from other two methods and lack of modern sophisticated materials could be the reason in some cases. Therefore, it is always good to consult a few trustworthy dentists and seek opinions.

When do you need root canal?

The candidates for root canal will always suffer from severe pain. In addition, they will have some infections, which do not disappear. If you witness these two factors, then it is time for you to consider a root canal. If the level of pain and infection is not that high, then you can feel free to look for a root canal alternative.

How to make out?

Given below are some simple steps to detect infections

–          The area beyond the gum starts swelling

–          You will find some areas over the gum filled with pus

–          Swelling with pus

Swelling and tooth pain will not be always caused due to root infection. Even abscessing of gum tissues can result in swelling. You need not have to always consider root canal for healing infections on gum tissue.

Alternative for root canal

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is an easy root canal alternative. In addition to getting rid of a root canal, you can also save some money by making use of this simple technique. However, the negative part of this alternative is you will be missing a tooth, which could cause uneasiness while chewing food. It could also result in compromising the structure of the jaw bone. The reason is tissues and gum surrounding the tooth to be extracted will be weak and hence, the free space after extraction could become clumsy. Dental implant or dental bridge is advised to regain the tooth.

Natural Alternative

Prevention of tooth infection is what we focus when it comes to a natural root canal alternative. It can be done by following some simple steps given below

–          Avoid eating sweet foods

–          Drink only certified raw milk

–          Try consuming more raw foods like raw butter, raw fish, raw beef etc

–          Flour products must be strictly avoided

Root canal alternative will not be an option for patients suffering from severe tooth infection.

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