Why Do I Have a Toothache Years After Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is carried out to remove bacteria from the tooth root. It is also called as endodontic. Often bacteria in the mouth invade the teeth when there is dental decay or caries or when the teeth is cracked or broken due to trauma. Leak fillings of the teeth can also allow bacteria to cause infection of the root canal that consists of delicate pulp tissues.

Why you need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is necessary if the pulp tissues becomes infected or damaged. Abscess formation can result leading to severe toothache. If the infection is not removed away, bacteria can further invade the bones. Root canal treatment is carried out to save the infected tooth which would otherwise have to be extracted. In root canal, an endodontist will drill a hole through an infected tooth and remove the infected pulp tissues. Then cleanse and shape the teeth and fit it with a crown.

What causes toothache years after root canal treatment?

Root canal procedure is performed to eliminate the toothache caused by infection or inflammation of the pulp. Some individuals may experience toothache years after root canal procedure due to failure in the treatment. New infections can emerge even after root canal procedure. Reasons for new tooth infections include-

  • Some individuals may have a complicated canal anatomy that may go undetected
  • If all the root canals were not performed during the procedure
  • If there has been delay in placing the crown after root canal procedure
  • Recently cracked or decayed tooth can render the tooth to fresh infection

Possible causes of toothache after years of root canal treatment-

  • Insufficient root canal treatment: The main purpose of root canal is to completely remove the infected pulp tissues, cleanse the pulp chamber and fully seal the empty space to the end of the root. If by chance any debris is left behind in the root canal it can harbor bacteria resulting in new infection.
  • Infected tooth bone- Each tooth can have more than one root canal. Number of root canal can vary in individuals. Any missed root canal to treat the infection can result in infection and toothache years after root canal.
  • Abscesses on the gums: Our gum is attached externally to the bone and tooth. The attached gum is protected from infection by proper oral brushing and flossing. If abscessed tooth develops after root canal procedure it can lead to toothache even after years of root canal.
  • Cracked or broken tooth: One of the causes of toothache after root canal is fractured root during or after root canal treatment. Cracked tooth often went undetected before treatment and one can have toothache after root canal and crown procedure.
  • Missed or untreated canal: Since root canals can vary in individuals, any missed in the treatment of these canals can cause new infection and toothache years after root canal.
  • Leaked crown: Treated tooth is sealed from leakage of bacterial infection. If the seal is broken over time by decay, it can allow bacteria to invade the treated root canal and cause toothache.
  • Elevated crown fixture: Crowns are placed right after root canal to protect tooth from getting fractured. However, if the crown is elevated slightly while biting or chewing, ligaments can get inflame and cause sensitivity during eating.

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