Healthy Gums and Gum Disease Treatments

Periodontal disease or a gum disease as it is called is caused when plaque builds up leaving an unseen, sultry, layer of germs forming its hub on to the teeth and gums.  The bacteria’s in the plaque have toxins in them which aggravate and harm the germs in the mouth.

Administering if one requires gum disease treatment

There are few common symptoms which help one establish if one is suffering from a gum disease or not. The major symptom of having a gum disease is a bad breath which is not going away.  That would not mean that you would be suffering from gum disease only.  There is a possibility that one might require some tooth fixing done! Let’s get on the point, a treatment for gum disease would be required if one has his/her gums receding (which makes the teeth look longer), with swollen gums which probably would have turned red with the swollenness, sensitive or loose teeth or if one has trouble chewing.

Refraining from gum disease treatments

  • Clean teeth – So you were told when you were a kid to brush your teeth twice a day right? Did you know brushing your teeth and keeping your mouth fresh and refreshing could prevent you from getting infected from a gum disease too! Brushing your teeth with fluoride paste would be more beneficial in refraining from getting any gum disease treatment done.
  • Regular floss – It is recommended by the American Dental Association to floss the teeth every day, to do away with the plaque or any tartar. Flossing your teeth regularly would have your teeth and the gums free from any deposited plaque. Develop a good habit of flossing your teeth every night.  It won’t let your teeth hold cavities, hence would let your teeth as well as the gums feeling refreshed.  The bacteria and any food article build up would be caught be the floss so that there is no upsurge of the same causing any probing you for any gum disease treatment.
  • Quit smoking – One must be aware of the various causes why smoking is said to be hazardous for health, you have got another reason to quit smoking now. A gum disease is likely to develop is you are habitual to smoking.  What is all the more striking is that smoking not only instigates gum diseases but also minimizes the probability to getting any successful gum disease treatment done.

Carrying out gum disease treatments

Gum disease treatments vary as per the severity of the gum disease.  However, every gum disease treatment would require the patient to take utmost care while settling down for a treatment.  Following are the treatments undergone for treating a gum disease:

  • Scaling or cleaning intensely – Bacteria contributing to the gum disease is cleaned thoroughly by the dentist in this therapy. It is usually followed by root planning. [laser treatments could also be used for this purpose]
  • Medications – the dentists as per the severity of the tartar that might have accumulated in the gums would provide medications to patient suffering from the same as a gum disease treatment.
  • Severe gum diseases that require surgical treatments – After the medication or the cleaning, if the plaque buildup is too extensive, surgical treatments such as the Flap surgery or the bone and tissue grafts could be required.

With a little caution and care you can thus retain healthy gums and teeth and refrain yourself from any gum disease treatment.  However , in case if you develop one, due to some other causes such as diabetes, hormonal changes (in girls/women) or genetic reasons, there are always gum disease treatments available.



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