Simple Oral Procedures to Reverse Gingivitis

There are several gum diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis and acute necrotizing ulceration gingivitis or trench mouth. Gingivitis is a kind of mild gum disease affecting the gums and the teeth. Serious form of gingivitis is periodontitis, where in the alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments and tissues are damaged. If not treated early it can result in serious complications. More complicated and serious form of gum disease is acute ulceration gingivitis. This can cause swelling and ulceration of the gums and the mouth.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums due to accumulation of plague and tarter. It is the mildest form of gum disease and sometimes you may not know that you have it. This can be reversed by proper brushing, flossing and dental cleaning.

Since gingivitis is a mild gum disease and does not involve the periodontal tissue, ligaments and the bones the disease can be reverse with regular brushing, flossing and professional dental cleaning. With a proper oral hygiene along with the antibiotics, gingivitis can be reverse.

How to reverse gingivitis naturally?

  • Brushing:

First of all choose a comfortable and good toothbrush. Electric toothbrush will be the best choice. Make sure that the toothbrush bristles are not too soft or too hard. The bristles should be of medium quality so as to get proper cleaning without hurting the already swollen, inflamed gums. Brushing regularly twice a day is a must.  Brush your teeth once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.

Use only good quality fluoridated toothpaste for brushing. Brush your teeth at least for 1-2 minutes by dividing into four quadrants- top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left. Don’t forget to brush and clean your tongue. Tongue can provide a good environment for the bacteria to grow. Ensure that you clean your tongue with a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner.

  • Flossing:

Flossing your mouth and teeth can eliminate plague and bacteria. Floss at least twice in a day with water. Flossing helps to remove plague, bacteria and food residues that cannot be remove by brushing. There are some parts of your teeth where toothbrush cannot reach. In such a situation flossing is the best way to get rid of bacteria. You can also use oral irrigator to floss in between the teeth and gums.

  • Rinsing:

Rinsing of mouth after meals or after eating any food helps to throw away food particles and bacteria from the mouth. If you are unable to brush or floss after meals, then rinse your mouth. Rinse your mouth with some antiseptic mouth wash that will leave your mouth fresh and odorless.

  • Also eat foods rich in vitamin c and D for healthy gums and to prevent reoccurrence of gingivitis.

All these will help you how to reverse gingivitis naturally. In case the infection is more severe and the plague has accumulated considerably, then you can go for dental cleaning with antibiotics. These are some of the remedies on how to reverse gingivitis-

  • Scaling:

Gingivitis can be reverse by a cleaning procedure called as scaling. The dentist will remove all the plague and tarter that has accumulated on your teeth. A special scraping instrument is used to scrape away all the build- up tarter on your teeth. Then the tooth is polished to remove any stains or marks.

  • Antibiotics:

Along with the cleaning of tarter and plague, your doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics to kill the bacteria and stop the infection from spreading. Commonly prescribed antibiotics are Metronidazole and doxycillin. Others include amoxicillin, penicillin, tetracycline etc.


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