The Symptoms of Tooth Abscess Unveiled

What is a tooth abscess?

A tooth abscess or root abscess is also termed as a periapical abscess. An infection caused due to some bacteria build up leading to pus is termed to be a tooth abscess.  Without proper brushing or flossing the teeth, there is a genuine possibility of bacteria getting piled up inside the tooth or the gum resulting to tooth or gum abscess, which could be very painful.

The tooth abscess crops up inside the tooth, when a tooth nerve dies or is about to die. The tooth abscess types are:

  • Tooth root dead – When we have a dead tooth, the dentists would rectify the same by performing a root canal. A root canal would have the impurities removed from the decayed tooth.  The tooth would swell, as the pus in the tooth would have taken up most of the space to dwell.
  • Root of the tooth alive – When the root of the tooth is alive, it would disturb the nerve of the tooth, which would eventually erupt painful feeling for the person having this type o tooth abscess. It is this type of infection or tooth abscess which generally in lay man’s words termed as tooth decay. In here, the tooth abscess would be formed in the centre part of the tooth.

With proper care and clean oral sanitation, tooth abscesses could be prevented.

The symptoms of tooth abscess –

Tooth ache – The most familiar symptom of tooth abscess is the tooth ache coupled with puffiness or swelling around the affected tooth. The tooth abscess worsens over a period of time. The tooth abscess symptoms could be quite severe at times.

Bad breath – The other tooth abscess symptom is having bad breath.  If you have bad breath coupled with tooth ache, you are likely to be having a bacterial infection or tooth decay in your oral cavity.

Sour savor – If one is having a sour or bitter taste in the mouth, it is a probability that one most likely has tooth abscess. A bitter taste in the mouth is another tooth abscess symptom which if ignored could lead widespread in the mouth.

Pus venting out – If some kind of pus is draining out from your tooth, it essentially is a red indicator that you are infected with some bacterial infection. This venting sap is another major tooth abscess symptom, which you can make out; this could not be left untreated.

Toothache and Pain – If you experience pain while eating or chewing something along with all the above symptoms mentioned above, it is an alarm bell for you to go to a dentist immediately and get the infected tooth treated at the earliest.

Hot and cold – If you undergo sensitivity towards hot or cold foodstuffs or beverages, you probably are suffering from tooth abscess. This sensitivity towards hot and cold edibles is also one of the major tooth abscess symptoms.

Swell – There is a possibility to get swelling around the mouth or the tissues surrounding the affected tooth (in addition to the jaw) if you have redness along with the swelling in upper or lower jaw, you would probably be having tooth abscess.

Tooth abscess is a very grave situation which if left untreated could lead to some serious complications. This could also spread across to the entire body, indicating tooth abscess symptoms also include ear ache, fever, nausea and vomiting.  If the symptoms are left ignored it could also lead to, difficulty in breathing as well. Therefore, if you have any of the above listed symptoms do not delay, and go to the dentist and get treated immediately.

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