What Does It Mean When A Toothache Pain Spreads Throughout Your Body Or Face?

The excruciating toothache could spread across to your body and to your face; it kind of makes it very difficult for the person to bear the pain. If a tooth has abscess there is a possibility that the same could make your face swell.  When there is an infection in the base of a root, then you have chances of spreading the pain throughout your body and face.

The answer to the question what does it mean when a toothache pain spreads throughout your body or face?, can be answered with the help of the following explanation.

Teeth abscess

It is the teeth abscess which when builds up, makes the face swollen and has the chances of spreading on to the body as well.

If not treated in the early stages itself a simple teeth abscess could turn out to spread across not only on to the face but also to your throat as well.  This condition eventually could turn out to be a fatal infection.  This has also tendencies to become a medical emergency condition.  This abscess if not treated well in time, could even spread out to the blood.  The condition would get worsened from there.  Fortunately there are treatments available to cure the abscessed tooth.  However, ensure that you get the same treated well in time.

Treating this situation when one questions: what does it mean when a toothache pain spreads throughout your body or face? –

Garlic power – Get some garlic capsules, and take it for about three times a day. Only one capsule should be had at a time. This would effectively, remove the swelling from your face and would help the same not to reach out to your body.  This is something that you can do at home alone and this procedure would only have benefits with no side effects at all.

Icy pack – If you have a swollen face, get an ice pack ready. Take some ice cubes, wrap it in a cloth and place the same on to the swollen face, this just gives temporary relief to the swollen areas.  Hence could be considered as a first aid before you go and see the doctor or the dentist with your problem. Keeping an ice pack would condense the face swelling however, do diagnose the condition as the situation may get worse if it is not supervised medically.

Pain killer – You may have found your answer for what does it mean when a toothache pain spreads throughout your body or face? in tooth abscess. However, before reaching getting in to the dentists place if you get unbearable pain, you can have ibuprofen medicine which would relive yourself with any kind of pain in the tooth. If you are prone to teeth pain, always keep this medicine handy.  If there is nothing, you will have this medicine for help.

Vitamin C- Vitamin C supplement are quite helpful to relief a toothache.  This condition mentioned to above would get relived by taking just one capsule of Vitamin c supplement for a minimum of three times a day (for the ones who hesitate to go to a dentist for their condition).

Hope you would have got your answers for the question of what does it mean when a toothache pain spreads throughout your body or face?

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