How to Prevent Teeth Grinding Before Damaging Your Teeth

Bruxism is a medical term for teeth grinding. Teeth grinding takes place when you are angry or stressed or tensed. Regular grinding of teeth during the day or night can become habitual. Though people may consider teeth grinding as minor problem, its profound effects on health is notable.

Curing teeth grinding becomes essential due to its negative impact on health. Following few simple preventive measures on how to prevent teeth grinding you can actually prevent grinding your during the day and at night.

Bruxism can be mild or moderate or severe. Mild bruxism may not require treatment however, moderate as well as severe teeth grinding needs attention as it leads to teeth damage, jaw damage and increases the risk of acquiring gum diseases.

Measures on how to prevent teeth grinding-

Severe cases of bruxism may require medicinal treatment but mild to moderate teeth grinding can be prevented or reduced by following these some natural remedies-

  • Exercising- Exercise is good for body as well as mind. Exercising during the day will help you combat teeth grinding at night. Exercises help you to relief stress by removing toxins from the body. You should do cardiovascular exercise to reduce stress that is linked to teeth grinding. Strength training exercises help in relaxing your jaw muscles so you they are less likely to get stressed. Relaxed jaw muscles mean relaxed body and improved sleep thus, you are less possible to grind your teeth during sleep. Another exercise that is known to relax your body and reduce stress is progressive muscular relaxation (PMR). It relaxes your muscles and mind and relieve muscle tension that contribute to teeth grinding. Exercises tires you out completely to allow you to sleep in a more relaxed and restful way.
  • Reducing stress- Reducing stress from your life is the best way on how to prevent teeth grinding problem. Stress triggers bruxism. Individual who are stressed and tensed during the day tends to grind their teeth at night while sleeping. So, the best way is to manage stress by practicing meditations and yoga. Meditations and deep breathing techniques work to prevent bruxism by focusing solely on proper breathing.
  • Avoiding alcohol and coffee- Avoid consuming coffee at night or in the evening. Also avoid drinking alcohol. Both are stimulants and can aggravate your teeth grinding at night. Avoiding these beverages can help in preventing teeth grinding in many.
  • Bathing before sleeping- Engage in warm bath before sleeping at night. Bathing before going to bed is relaxing and helps in reducing stress levels and elevates comfort levels thereby, allowing more comfort sleep to prevent grinding.
  • Massaging the jaw muscles- Place a damp, warm cloth on your jaw to provide relaxation to the muscles. Relaxing your jaw muscles at night before sleeping reduces your likelihood of teeth grinding while sleeping at night. Rub both sides of your jaw muscles with finger tips or warm towel. This is a good way on how to prevent teeth grinding.
  • Avoid extra grinding- Some people grind their teeth excessively during the day during the course or resentment or anger. Habitual clenching and grinding of your teeth during day time will exert additional force to your jaw muscles and make you more likely to grind at night unknowingly.

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