How to Stop Teeth Grinding While Sleeping

Teeth grinding also called as bruxism is a medical disorder that affects both children as well as adults. Teeth grinding most often occurs during sleep at night and most of us may not be aware of the fact of grinding teeth. Teeth grinding not only affects one’s sleep but also the sleep of others too. Beyond sleep disturbance, bruxism can have profound effect on your health.

It is therefore very important to know the cause of bruxism and take preventive measures on how to stop teeth grinding while sleeping to avoid any ill effects of teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding while sleeping at night can cause headache, jaw pain, ear pain and neck pain during the day. In severe teeth grinding, teeth damage can happen leading to fractured tooth and even jaw damage.

Steps on how to stop teeth grinding while sleeping-

Teeth grinding can be stop by following few steps-

  • See a dentist- If you experience any symptoms of teeth grinding such as dull headaches, stiff or painful jaws in the morning, flattened teeth surfaces or teeth damage go and see your dentist immediately. Dentist may be able to address the cause of your bruxism and guide you accordingly to stop it. You might be asked to wear a mouth guard that is custom made by your dentist while sleeping to stop you from grinding or clenching your teeth. Also dentist can detect and repair any teeth damages caused by grinding.
  • Learning to relax- Relax and relief stress. Stress is known to trigger teeth grinding while sleeping. Stress can cause many individuals to grind or clench their teeth at night. Learning the correct methods of de-stressing your tensions and anxieties will help in lessening bruxism. Follow relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga deep breathing exercises and some cardio exercises during the day.
  • Wearing mouth guards- One of the best ways on how to stop teeth grinding while sleeping at night is to use protective mouth guard or splint. Mouth guards provide protection to your teeth by lying between your upper and lower teeth. Different types of mouth guards can be obtained from the dental stores but the best one is custom made dental mouth guard which is made by your dentist by taking a mold of your teeth. Custom made mouth guards are designed to fit exactly to your teeth. Some mouth guards are made only for upper teeth but some for both the upper and bottom teeth. Wearing them stop you from grinding your teeth at night during sleep.
  • Herbal treatments- Teeth grinding can be end or stop permanently by using some herbal remedies. There are homeopathic as well as herbal medicines that work to stop bruxism. Certain herbs such as rosemary, oat straw and tarragon are used in herbal medicines that help in lowering your stress and help stop teeth grinding. This may be what you need on how to stop teeth grinding while sleeping at night.
  • Behavioral therapy- Behavioral therapy may be required in case of severe bruxism. Cognitive or speech therapy focus on improving one’s mental health. Behavioral therapy focuses on correct tongue, jaw and mouth positioning to eliminate teeth grinding.

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