Teeth Grinding During Pregnancy

Usually when you wake up in the morning with a terrible headache, you might blame your headache on a bad pillow. But did you ever thought about grinding teeth during sleep in the previous night? If no, then you should probably take a note from now onwards. You might have been grinding your teeth during sleep without even knowing it. Yes, teeth grinding or bruxism is a common disorder fairly seen in adults and children too. Teeth grinding during pregnancy in women may also happen as a result of physical, physiological, emotional and hormonal changes which may lead to unnecessary worries and stress.

Bruxism during pregnancy can be disturbing as well as harmful to the mother as well as the baby. Pregnant women who grind her teeth at night during sleep may suffer from insomnia, headaches, jaw and muscle pain, cramps, teeth pain and stress. All these effects of teeth grinding can put unwanted and extra stress, tension and pressure on the mother which can directly affect the growing fetus. Therefore, teeth grinding during pregnancy must not be ignored and proper treatment methods must be done to avoid any serious complications and health issues.

Home remedies for bruxism during pregnancy-

Home remedies are best substitutes for prescription medicines especially for pregnant women. Natural home remedies can help in preventing bruxism to certain extent, however if there is no improvement in the symptoms you must consult the doctor immediately.

  • Stress management therapy- Stress is the main culprit behind teeth grinding. Any emotional stress, tensions, worries, frustrations and anxieties are identified to trigger teeth grinding during sleep. So, pregnant women should try to avoid any stressful situations. Stress management is the best solution to naturally prevent teeth grinding at night. Follow yoga- it harmonizes your mind as well as your body
  • Exercises- Exercises and relaxation techniques are excellent way of putting away stress and keeping body healthy. Pregnant women can do deep breathing exercises such as yoga and slow walks in the morning daily to eliminate stress causing toxins from the body. Muscular exercises such as stretching are also good to relieve symptoms of teeth grinding during pregnancy.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy- This aims in correct positioning of the tongue, mouth and jaws to promote better muscle relaxing and prevent bruxism.
  • Diet- Pregnant women should be particularly careful about her eating habits. Eat healthy whole fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Avoid drinking drinks such as coffee or alcohol before bedtime. Instead drink warm milk or herbal tea before going to bed as they are known to improve sleep quality by relaxing your facial muscles thereby preventing night grinding. A good diet can thus help in preventing bruxism during pregnancy.
  • Chewing at night- Chewing crunchy or chewy vegetables and fruits at night before you go to bed helps in exercising your jaw, gums and mouth muscles thus, providing soothing effect on the mouth.
  • Supplements- Intake of magnesium and calcium dietary supplements in your diet is found to improve teeth grinding at night.

Other than these remedies, sleeping on your back can reduce teeth grinding. Teeth grinding during pregnancy can be reduced by doing deep breathing exercises for a few minutes before sleeping at night.

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