Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard for Kids to Protect Your Child’s Teeth from Getting Damaged

Teeth grinding is fairly common in younger children. This habit may start at a young age of 3 to 3 1/2 years and normally goes away on its own without any treatment by the time your child reach the age of 6 years.

Teeth grinding mouth guard for kids can prevent your child from biting or grinding the teeth. However, in most of the cases no such measures may even be required as bruxism may be mild and stop naturally without causing any harmful effects on your child.

Teeth grinding mouth guard for kids-

In case of obsessive teeth grinding, your dentist can spot rare wear and tear of the teeth. Other than complaints of painful jaw, headaches, sore jaw and earaches, your child may complain of toothache. This toothache may be because of fractured or broken teeth or worn out teeth enamel exposing the inner tooth layer to cavities and infections.

If your child will continue to grind his teeth constantly, severe teeth damage may happen in the long run. Teeth can become flattened, short, blunt and even cracked and become loose. Furthermore, worn out teeth enamel and teeth damage can expose the teeth nerves and cause more sensitivity to cold or hot. All this can cause your kid to suffer from mild to intense toothache.

Teeth grinding mouth guard for kids are designed to protect your child’s teeth from getting damaged cause by grinding. These mouth guards are place in between the two teeth. Your kid’s dentist will examine the wear and tear of your child’s teeth and may provide a mouth guard for your child to wear at night during sleep.

These mouth guards can be your child’s ultimate solution for preventing teeth damage. Custom made guards are made specifically for your child by a professional dentist. Your child’s teeth impression is made and then a mold is made using this impression. Since, this type of mouth guard is made using your child’s teeth mold; it offers more accuracy, comfort and protection to the teeth. However, it may cost you more than the other types of mouth guards.

If the teeth has been flattened or worn down severely, your child may need teeth grinding mouth guard for kids to deal these teeth problems. These dental issues may later cause more serious conditions such as nerve damage and at times root canals.

Can children of any age wear teeth grinding mouth guard?

Mouth guards for kids are actually affordable and comfortable to wear. However, they are not a cure for bruxism, mouth guards are only for protection purposes. Also, mouth guards are not suitable for babies and little toddlers. Other methods of treatment are there for them. Mouth guards for children are appropriate for older children of age around 12 years or so. Some children especially toddlers may not feel comfortable wearing the mouth guards and may reject them. Another problem with children mouth guard is they do not fit the jaws over time as the child grows fast and so is his jaws. So, it will be wiser to consider buying normal mouth guard instead of dentist’s custom made ones.

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