Deodorants or antiperspirants – what is the better option?

What is Deodorant?

Deodorant is a substance which is used to eliminate bad odor which is generally caused by sweating. Deodorants are mostly applied locally on surface of the body. Many chemical compounds are used to make a deodorant such as: hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, and glycols. Deodorants also contain antiseptics which destroy bacteria.

What is Antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant is a substance which is used to reduce sweating. Antiperspirants are harmless as there are some side-effects like: rashes and skin irritations but they can be easily treated. Do not use antiperspirants on broken skin as it can cause blood poisoning.


We use deodorants to control our body odor but when you use deodorants, some of them have side-effects on clothes and skin. These side effects are:

  • Stains:  A deodorant takes about a second to absorb on your skin. If your deodorant is sprayed on your clothes then it has the tendency to bleed your clothes (shirts) and stain them. Some deodorants containing white stick (a glue kind of substance) leaves out hard stains on to the clothes.
  • Decreases Perspiration: Deodorants containing aluminum blocks sweat ducts (stimulates sweat) and this builds up toxins in our armpits. Aluminum containing substances also buildup estrogen which causes breast cancer.
  • Discomfort: Usage of strong deodorants can cause irritation in skin in many ways like:
  • Itchiness in your skin.
  • Rashes to develop in your skin.
  • Make your skin really dry and flaky.


As we know that antiperspirants are used for controlling sweat however, there are some side effects which we must be aware of like:

  • Allergic Reactions: Some of the antiperspirants have a tendency of causing skin allergies like itchiness and red skin rashes.
  • Lumps: Some antiperspirants block the pore of the skin and cause bacterial infections for eg. Armpits lumps.
  • Other side effects: There are other similar side effects as deodorants such as: Clothes stains and Breast cancer.

Now, we know about the side-effects about Deodorants and Antiperspirant. Lets us check out, what are the advantages of deodorants and antiperspirants further.


One of the utmost advantages of deodorants is that it has the capability to manage the odor by neutralizing it. A deodorant has that ability to protect us from excessive sweat and eliminates the bacteria that causes bad odor.

Deodorants are preferred more than antiperspirant as it has proved a fact that deodorant does not prevent sweating unnaturally.

There are different kinds of deodorants containing scents from floral, sporty and the breezy ones. Besides these choices there are some deodorants which have no scents but works perfectly in neutralizing the awful odor.

You can even try making your own home made deodorants. By using natural ingredients that pamper your skin and give a feeling of freshness throughout the day.


Antiperspirants have a certain fragrance which has a capability to prevent sweat and neutralize the unpleasant odor.  Antiperspirants block the pores with the help of chemical substances and it controls the sweating.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum which helps clogging the pores and it also prevents the sweat spots.

Antiperspirants have their effect for 12 or 48 hours. However, use of excessive antiperspirants also can cause complications. Therefore, it is advised that you use these antiperspirants sparsely.


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