Get white Teeth in an Hour with Laser Teeth Whitening!

A person’s teeth get duller and darker with the age. This may be due to change in the mineral content of the teeth or due to some gum diseases. Tooth and gum discoloration is seen in people who smokes and chews tobacco products. Even the antibiotics can cause the tooth enamel to lose its brilliancy.

What is a laser teeth whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is a teeth whitening process where a whitening gel is used along with a laser light. It is the most popular used method in cosmetic dentistry. Laser teeth whitening process is in-office whitening process. Here a whitening gel is applied to the teeth and a beam of laser light is activated. The crystals in the gel are activated by the laser light which then penetrates the enamel of the teeth. This increases the brilliance look of the teeth.

What are the types of laser teeth whitening available?

Laser teeth whitening method are of two types- in-home whitening where whitening or bleaching gel is used with a fitted tray and strips. This whitening can be done at home but requires a great deal of time and work. The second is the in-office whitening process where a bleaching or whitening gel is used with a laser light to penetrate the tooth enamel. It is usually carried out by a professional dentist.

Advantages of laser teeth whitening:

Laser teeth whitening is a better option for those with a sensitive teeth. In-home whitening procedure can have some bad effects on the teeth due to a repeated application of the gel and the whitening solutions.

Laser teeth whitening is a quick procedure. Teeth whitening can be complete within an hour or two. It is increasingly becoming popular because of its speed, simplicity of the process involved and because it is painless. Unlike any other teeth whitening procedures, where you have to wait for months to see the result, laser whitening doesn’t have to. You can see the result once the procedure is completed.

Disadvantages of laser teeth whitening:

Not advisable for children with antibiotics such as tetracycline. Good only for light stained teeth which can result in white teeth that can last for more than 4 years!

Only a limited life of teeth is possible with a laser teeth whitening procedure. Additional whitening sessions may need to be performed at an interval of 2 to 3 years. This can depend on the quality of the dentist who performed your earlier teeth whitening and also on your eating and drinking habits.

Laser teeth whitening procedure may not be an ideal choice for a person whose gums and teeth are sensitive to bleaching gel and laser light. The patient may experience irritation of the gums and teeth. Further, it is an expensive procedure compared to other available kits and treatments. So a cost can be a disadvantage for you. Laser treatment may also not be available in many of the dental clinics.

The price of the laser teeth whitening increases depending on the number of other treatments needed by the patient.

Laser teeth whitening may not be effective for severely discolored teeth. Better options such as crown or veneers are available in such cases. In-home trays can be uncomfortable while wearing in the mouth.

The procedure:

  • First of all your dentist will clean your teeth in order to remove germs or plagues from the mouth as this can interfere in the process.
  • Then a bleaching gel is applied to your teeth enamel. Laser light is focused onto the teeth and this light energy absorbed will eventually activate the crystals present in the gel. This helps to remove the stains from the teeth and your original teeth color is restored.


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