How Effective are Teeth Whitening Gels?

These days an effective way to whiten your teeth is by utilizing the teeth whitening gel. The teeth whitening gels are quite effective in providing you with teeth that are glowingly white.

Before you start on with applying the teeth whitening gel read through the following and get ready for sparkling white teeth!

Prior to using the tooth whitening gel – before you start on with applying the tooth whitening gel, nicely brush your teeth clean which could also be followed by a flossing procedure.  It is stated that teeth whitening gel works for its best capacity when the teeth are clean and white.

Ensure the cleanliness – Before applying the tooth whitening gel into the tray ensure that the tray where you will be putting the gel is clean and dry. If there is moisture in the tray, this gel would not work for its fullest capacity as the moisture would slow the moistening process.

Try the tray – it is recommended to check the fitting and the comfort of the tray before putting in the tooth whitening gel in it.

Do not fill the tray – it is not advisable to fill the whole tray with tooth whitening gel. Fill it only half way. Bleaching the front visible teeth with the tooth whitening gel is more than enough.

Clear off – Wipe off any excess gel from the gums.  You can use your fingers or some tissue for this purpose.

Duration to wear it – The time period to wear the gel depends majorly upon what the manufacturing company might have written on to the pack of this gel. The gels contain either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide bleaches.  It is the type of the bleach which determines the duration or the period of time the bleach should be placed on to the teeth.

Removing the gel – After the said duration, you could rinse your teeth thoroughly so that all the remaining gel on the teeth is removed. You can also brush your teeth for this purpose.

The shelf life of a tooth whitening gel is for about 2 years, provided it is refrigerated.  An un-refrigerated tooth whitening gel could stay for about 1 year.  After using your gel ensure you keep the same in a cool dry place which should be away from sunlight.  You may also keep this tooth whitening gel and tray in the refrigerator.  However, remember not to keep it in the freezer. If it is kept in the freezer, it would get spoiled.

It is said that the 50 percentage of bleaching from these tooth whitening strips take place in the first one or two hours. This exercise could be repeated for about another 2 weeks and you will find that you are having snowy white teeth. This method has minimal risks and provides results as you might get from your dentist.

Get blessed with sparkling white teeth with the help of these wonderful tooth whitening gels! Make yourself stand out mesmerizing people with your beautiful smile!

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