How to Whiten Your Teeth?

Beauty and health go hand in hand, be it your external appearance or the beauty of your teeth. How to whiten your teeth is the answer that most of the people who have their teeth discolored are looking for. However, before we get on to that question let us understand what causes discoloration of teeth in us human beings:

What causes discoloration of teeth?

It is seen that people get reluctant to smile, or even open their mouth because of the discoloration that might have developed. The two major elements which cause the teeth to get affected with tooth stains include:

  • Extrinsic stains
  • Intrinsic stains

Extrinsic stains or discoloration – These are stains which are cause generally by unhealthy oral hygiene, dark beverages as the coffee, tea, red wine and so on which if not properly rinsed leave stains, medication such as iron tables or antibiotics etc.

Intrinsic stains or discoloration – These are caused by the fluoride content in the tooth pastes used.  The intrinsic discoloration can also occur if there has been a history of taking tetracycline antibiotics, by a mother in the second half of her pregnancy or by kids aged 8 years or less. A strain at a young age (a fall) would also have been a cause of intrinsic discoloration.

Age factor – This happens to be an amalgamation of the above mentioned factors.  As one ages the enamel in a teeth also becomes thinner with the increasing age.  This thinning enamel permits the dentin to show giving your teeth a pale yellowish hue. Some food stuffs that one eats, the habitual smokers, injuries on teeth all are the other contributors of tooth discoloration.

How to whiten your teeth – For every problem there is a solution, you can whiten your teeth in a number of ways.  There are the following methods available these days by which you may get your answers for how to whiten your teeth:

  • Cosmetic dentistry – You can get in touch with a good dentist and get rid of the yellow hue that you are having on your teeth.  The cosmetic dentists have a number of ways and methods to give you gleaming white glossy teeth.  It is quite safe and secure to approach a dentist for whitening so that you do not end up goofing up with some home remedies and hurt yourself.
  • Natural home remedies – The natural home remedies include eating apples, carrots, celery and strawberries too.  These vegetables and fruits act as natural tooth brushes of nature in providing you with pearly white teeth.  Other than these the baking soda available readily in your kitchen is another bleaching agent which could give you your answer of how to whiten your teeth.
  • Eating cheese – It is said that cheese helps in enamel re-mineralization.  Therefore plunge on to it after meals to get snowy white teeth.
  • Toothpastes to whiten teeth – In your local store you would find these days umpteen number of toothpastes which promise to give you bright white teeth.  Most of them are quite effective provided you know which one to choose.
  • Do it yourself kits – Do it yourself kits ranging from strips to whitening tray gels are all quite effective in getting you with bright white teeth!


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