What are the Benefits of At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits?

Tooth whitening is also known as dental bleaching. Tooth whitening is done to obtain whiter teeth that has been stained or discolored. Teeth can get stain by certain reasons such as bacterial stains or by tobacco products (smoking or chewing).

Tooth whitening can be done either in-office or at-home. In-office teeth whitening make use of a bleaching gel with laser light to whiten the teeth. While at-home teeth whitening kits use of bleaching gel, strips and mouth trays.

Teeth whitening kits have gain popularity because of its easy, effective and inexpensive treatment. At-home teeth whitening kits include teeth whitening toothpastes, strips, bleaching gels with trays etc.

What are the advantages of home teeth whitening?

At-home teeth whitening have some advantages over in-office teeth whitening. For instance, it is possible to get a professional whitening of the teeth at home with the whitening kits. The whitening kits are less expensive and whitening teeth at home can be cheaper than going to the dentist office. For Professional whitening, you might need to spend huge amount of money on the visits, dentist fees and whitening products. They are very much affordable

Teeth whitening kits are easily available on the internet or you can purchase them from any drug or dental stores. The kits are easy to use and come with instruction manuals. They are safe and everyone who wants to whiten their teeth can opt for it.

At –home teeth whitening requires around 30 minutes making your teeth whiter and brighter. By using these kits you can whiten your teeth 6 to 7 shades. In-office teeth whitening can be pricey and expensive. The bleaching gel contains high concentration of hydrogen peroxide that can be harmful to sensitive teeth and gums. Whereas at-home whitening kits contain less amount of bleaching agent and hence is safe to use.

Whitening kits- gel and mouth tray:

Teeth whitening kits typically consists of a mouth tray with a bleaching gel (containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide)). These bleaching agents are effective and can remove hard stains caused by medicines, foods and drinks. The gels are placed in the tray and the tray is placed inside the mouth and leave for an hour. For better results, you can keep the mouth tray overnight. Tray and gel can whiten your entire teeth, both fronts and sides.

Teeth whitening products and kits contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide as the main ingredient to whiten the teeth. Without these agents, you will not be able to achieve a whitening result. Hydrogen peroxide concentrations should not be of high concentration as it can damage your gums and make your teeth very sensitive to hot or cold drinks and foods. Therefore, choose a percentage of peroxide that will suit you like for instance, you can choose 35 % concentration. This will work well and safe.

You can also use low percentage of hydrogen peroxide to gargle. A baking soda can be included in your toothpaste. This will give you a natural polish and remove your stains.

Teeth whitening strips:

At-home teeth whitening strips are also available to whiten your teeth. Strips are cheap and are bit effective than the toothpaste. But the major disadvantage of the strips is they require long-term use to achieve the result (about a month or two). Strips can whiten the teeth 4 to 5 shades. Strips cannot whiten the entire teeth too. They can therefore, whiten only the fronts and the sides of the teeth can still remain yellow or stained.

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