Zoom Teeth Whitening- The Advantages and Disadvantages

Zoom teeth whitening is a type of teeth whitening procedure where a zoom whitening gel (peroxides) with the laser light (UV rays) are used to whiten teeth rapidly. Zoom teeth whitening is safe and effective way of getting rid of discolored or stained tooth. It is one of the effective and fastest methods of teeth whitening.

What are the causes for a yellow coloration of the teeth?

  • Yellow appearance of the teeth can be due to excessive smoking or chewing of tobacco products.
  • As the persons age increases, a tooth loses its minerals and the enamels can lose its color and become brittle.
  • A person with poor oral habits such as inadequate regular brushing, flossing and cleaning of the teeth.
  • Certain medicines can also make the teeth turn yellow from its original white color.

Zoom teeth whitening- procedure!

Zoom teeth whitening, a non-invasive procedure of teeth whitening is performed by a professional dental hygiene.  During the whitening procedure a patient may experience a mild tingling or sensitivity of the tooth or the gums. But it is a short-term effect and generally subsides within 24 hours or so.

  • First the dentist will clean the teeth for tarter or plague.
  • A protective gel is applied on the lips and gums to protect them from burns, sensitivity or discomfort during the procedure. This will protect the lips and gums from any potential injury.
  • Zoom teeth whitening gel (containing hydrogen peroxides) is then applied to the teeth and a laser light is exposed to the teeth.
  • The zoom light activates the gel (crystals) to penetrate the tooth enamel. This eventually removes the stains and makes the teeth about 10 times whiter and brighter.
  • Bleaching of the teeth occurs as the zoom light penetrates the enamel and dentin. This process is repeated trice at an interval of 15 minutes.
  • New bleaching gel is applied on the teeth for every whitening procedure and it usually takes one hour to give a result. With zoom teeth whitening you can have immediate whiten teeth.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of zoom teeth whitening?

The zoom whitening treatment is effective and harmless. It is effective in removing any severe extrinsic stained teeth. There are no known side effects though patients may experience an increased sensitivity of the teeth during bleaching. This is common with all the bleaching procedures because of the presence of high concentration hydrogen peroxides. The sensitivity may last for few days after the treatment.

Advantages are many. Zoom whitening is fast and you can get the result within an hour. Unlike other whitening treatments where you have to wait for months for the result, zoom whitening gives you result immediately after the treatment.

It is also a painless procedure. There may be some sensitivity of the teeth which is temporary. Zoom latest technique include zoom 2 and zoom 3. The zoom 3 treatment has the advantage that teeth are exposed to bleaching gels and UV light for lesser or shorter time than that of the zoom 2 treatment.

Zoom teeth whitening can remove stains caused by heavy smoking. It is long lasting, fast, convenient, painless, lower sensitivity, safe and most of all effective in removing all the extrinsic stains.


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