6 Simple Teeth Whitening Tips

Chomp fruits and vegetables – Munch on those fruits and vegetables that are crunchy in nature. It is to be noted that these fruits and vegetables should be devoured raw.

  • The beneficial fruits are  – Strawberries, pear, apples, etc
  • The beneficial vegetables are –Celery, carrots etc.

Avoid teeth staining drinks – There are a lot of drinks that stain your teeth. These are the regular coffee, the tea that you have, cranberry juice, carbonated drinks such as colas etc., and there are the red wines.  All these stain your teeth and leave it discolored. Therefore try avoiding the, however, if to all you savor them try the following quick tips to lessen the effect :

  • Drink it with a straw – Drinking beverages with straw would lessen the effect as the beverage would not come in much contact with the teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth – Rinse your mouth immediately after having a drink that has the possibilities of staining your teeth.

Keep a good oral hygiene – To have healthy white teeth, you need to maintain a good oral hygiene.  If you do not have healthy teeth you are bound to get bacterial infections or have tartar formed in your mouth.  These would in turn affect the teeth and cause discoloration.    To minimize the effect :

  • Floss your teeth on a daily basis
  • Brush your teeth twice a day, if not thrice.

Avoid having tomato sauce – Many kids and adults alike hog on to tomato sauce. However, this common item in every household is quite acidic in nature.  It can easily stain your teeth.

  • Combating the stain – To counter tomato sauce’s probability to discolor your teeth, you may get your hands on to some green leafy vegetables immediately after its consumption.

Quit bad habits – There are few bad habits that people tend to develop over time.  These are :

  • Biting the nails – Even after growing old, it is seen that people have a tendency to bite their nails, while in tension or just for fun.  It is not at all advised to practice this habit as this can weaken the enamel.  In the long run it would make your teeth look uneven and unattractive.
  • Opening things from your teeth – People are habitual of using their teeth to open bear bottle or tear open plastic packets from their teeth.  Use openers and scissors only for this purpose because if you continue opening things from your teeth you would eventually have your enamel which helps keep your teeth whitened erode away.
  • Avoid pricking your teeth with fingers nails– To prick stains from your teeth people have this habit of scrapping it with the finger nails.  Finger nails tend to take off the enamel from your teeth too.
  • Consuming tobacco and smoking cigarettes- These are also termed as bad habits which would eventually leave your teeth stained.  Therefore, should compulsorily be avoided.

Go for regular dental checkups – It is recommended visit the dentists regularly and have dental check up’s done so that your teeth remain healthy and white.

These teeth whitening tips if exercised religiously and regularly would make you teeth shine like a pearl upon the ocean!


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