Creating a Broader and Whiter Smile! – Best At Home Teeth Whitening Remedy

With age our teeth tend to lose its natural sheen. Ever wondered if you could get the beauty of milk teeth you had when you were a kid? But obvious, it is not possible to get the same luster of your milk tooth’s color on to your teeth.  However, you may get, if not the same but quite similar white color of your milk teeth without going to a dentist! Appealing isn’t it? We have listed the following easy tips to transform your, not so good looking teeth to some envious bunch of pearls with the best at home teeth whitening remedies available:

Buying your toothpaste –

  • The first step to improve your tooth color is getting your hands on a tooth paste that has qualities of making your teeth whiter. Since brushing your teeth is the basic initial step that you are accustomed to perform everyday why not choose the toothpaste that is beneficial for whitening your teeth.
  • This is the best at home teeth whitening remedy that has no side affects, what so ever and will not require any extra effort from your part for getting whiter teeth.
  • There are a number of toothpastes available in the market, ensure that you buy toothpaste that is American Dental Association (ADA) approved.  Essentially the best at home teeth whitening toothpaste should consist of fluoride and should bear the seal of acceptance from the ADA.

The toothbrush requisites –

  • Change your toothbrush if it is wearing out or is frayed.
  • Soft bristles work best however prior to buying the same, do check if the toothbrush could get to the hard to reach places.
  • Throw away your tooth brush after 3 – 4 months, it would be the best at home teeth whitening technique that you could benefit from.
  • You should brush your teeth in back and forth short motions.
  • Brush your teeth if possible after meal, to get the best at home teeth whitening effect.  If that is not possible, brushing twice a day is a requisite.

Fighting discoloration of teeth –

The root cause of discoloration – Tooth discoloration happens probably because of age, unhealthy oral hygiene, strong medication of antibiotics and other drugs, stains left by the dark beverages, the other factor would be pregnancy.

To combat the discoloration of teeth by eating! – The teeth discoloration could be combated by eating vegetables and fruits that are crunchy in nature and have attributed to produce more saliva in the mouth.  Having cheese after a meal also aids to re-mineralizing enamel.

Homemade remedies for teeth whitening –  Baking soda and salt concoction, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution, abrasion with strawberries, rubbing banana peel all are best at home teeth whitening aids for your teeth.

Tooth whitening kits – The do it at home kits available in your nearest pharmacy also could aid in getting you the best at home teeth whitening experience.  Some may require a bit of effort from your part, but some are quite easy to use.

Flossing – Floss your teeth regularly, it also helps in making your smile gleam.

These best at home teeth whitening techniques if exercised regularly could provide you with results that could amaze you. Get going! Get whiter teeth!


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