Get Gleaming Pearl White Teeth at Home!

Oral hygiene! – The first and foremost thing that you could do to get shiny and glossy white teeth is maintaining a good oral hygiene. For this reason brushing your teeth everyday minimum twice or if possible thrice a day would surely help you to do away with any tartar that could have formed causing the discoloration in the teeth.

Crunchy it is! – Teeth whitening at home could be done by eating vegetables as well as fruits that are crunchy in nature. Carrots, pears, apples, even celery all have rasping in nature which naturally remove the discoloration or stain that would be there on the teeth. These vegetables and fruits formulate more saliva in the mouth which in turn cleanses food debris preventing any probable tooth decay or even gum disease.

Floss regularly! – Oral cavity should necessarily be clean to ensure that you get pearly white teeth.  In addition to brushing your teeth regularly it is recommended by dentists to make it a habit to floss teeth regularly (on a daily basis) so that your mouth remains clean. You might have noticed ugly stains appear in between teeth too therefore to lessen the intensity of the stain regular flossing would help in a great deal.

Say cheese! – It is said that having cheese and dairy products like milk, yogurt etc after your meal would trigger the tendency of tooth enamel re-mineralization. The calcium and phosphorous content also aides in averting any kind of tooth decay.

Chewy – chewy! – Teeth whitening at home could be also be done by chewing on to the sugarless chewing gums that are available in the market and promise to get you picture perfect white teeth.  These chewing gums it is seen, prevents plaque that could be formed also these chewing gums increase the amount of saliva that builds up in the mouth.

Chocolate strawberries! – Eating strawberries topped with chocolate is another effective tip for teeth whitening at home.  Strawberries are supposed to be the natural teeth whitener fruit that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us human beings.  Chocolate on the other hand is antibacterial in nature with its cocoa content leaving your teeth healthy and bright.  For the sugar conscious ones, the strawberries, could just be brushed or rubbed on to your teeth without the chocolate for whitening teeth. It is interesting to note that even the seeds of this red fruit are beneficial for giving you those snowy teeth.

Bleach it with baking soda – Baking soda is another ingredient which is found in every kitchen.  It is an excellent teeth whitener and you could see the results for yourself in about a week or so of using it on your teeth. Plain baking soda used while brushing can cause damage to the gums causing burning sensation, instead combine it with your tooth paste and brush for best results.

By following these tips of teeth whitening at home you may say cheese with ease!

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