How to Get White Teeth? – Best Methods

If you aspire to get whiter and brighter teeth, these days a number of techniques are available to achieve your desired goal of pearly white teeth.  Do it at home kits, teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening toothpastes, would provide you with the brightest of smiles.

Teeth whitening toothpaste – Most of the teeth whitening toothpastes are gentle on your teeth and without much of a professional supervision can provide you with beautiful clean white teeth.  These available tooth pastes leave your teeth looking bright fighting with all the coffee, tea or soda that you might have put on to your teeth. Some tooth pastes come with some secure enamel teeth whitening chemicals which prove to be quite effect in terms of your query of how to get white teeth.

Over the counter gels – The OTC’s as they are also referred to as provide teeth whitening solution which not only are quite effective technique of how to get white teeth but also are a solution to get rid of your yellowish teeth for some brighter white teeth at home itself. You will be required to apply the gel on to your teeth for about 2 hours daily.  This exercise could be repeated for about another 2 weeks and you will find that you are having snowy white teeth. This method has minimal risks and provides results as you might get from your dentist. The over the counter gels consists of peroxides which are proven to be good bleaching agents.

Strips – The teeth whitening strips is another alternative that could be used by people who perplexed on the question of how to get white teeth.  These strips are very easy to use and have given results that are considerably efficient enough.  Tooth whitening strips would probably not be at par with the bleaching agents that are available in the market these days; however, these do give results for the ones who intend to do things easy and simple without any side effects. There would be an upper and lower strip. These strips are pressed on to the surface of the teeth, if kept like this twice a day minimum for half an hour. To get results that are more profound in nature, exercise this practice for a minimum of 14 days. Results would be there for you to see.

Quick home remedies – People tend to rely on the traditional home remedies to whiten their tooth.  These are quite effective and you do not have to shed all your money on the same. Few of the home remedies are as under:

*        Baking soda and tooth paste

*        Eating vegetables like carrots, apples, pears, celery etc. which trigger saliva

*        Chewing on gums which are sugarless

Other cosmetic measures

Other than these, there are always means through which your dentist could get your teeth treated and you would not have to search for answer of how to get white teeth.  There are in surgery or laser teeth whitening or some quick fix bleaching treatments that your dentist could help you out with getting clean, beautiful, snowy white teeth.

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