Teeth Whitening at Home Remedies

Teeth could readily be whitened at home. Following are the home remedies that one can try to get whiter and brighter teeth right at home:

The soda effect! – When you think of teeth whitening home remedies the first home remedy that one could possibly come across would be the baking soda. Baking soda is a bleaching agent that is proven to whiten your teeth naturally.   It is seen that even the toughest of stains could be removed from the teeth with help of baking soda.  However, it is to be noted that the baking soda should not be applied directly on to the teeth.  It is a possibility that it could harm your gums if it is applied directly.  Therefore, following we have listed some combinations that could be used with the baking soda to get the desired white and sparkling teeth:

The baking soda and toothpaste – Mix baking soda with your regular toothpaste whenever you brush your teeth.  You would be able to see the result of using this concoction being very effective in making your teeth look glossy, gleaming and beautiful that too within weeks of the application.

The baking soda and salt – This is one of the age old teeth whitening home remedies that has been used from time immemorial.  All you need to do is to mix equal quantities of baking soda and the salt and get pearly white teeth.  Both the ingredients are mild abrasives which clean your teeth, polish them and giving you fresh breathe too. Take some of this mixture and brush your teeth as you normally do.  Thereafter, rinse your mouth.  Once you have done that take the remaining mixture of salt and baking powder cover the teeth with this.  Let it stay for about some 15- 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. This procedure will show results in just few days!

The baking soda and strawberry – Another teeth whitening home remedy with baking soda is using the same with strawberries. This fruit itself is said to have exfoliating properties which whitens the teeth naturally. If the strawberries are crushed and are mixed with baking soda and are applied on to the teeth for about two weeks there is a clear possibility of you flaunting snowy white teeth within no time.

Cautionary Note: Excessive use of baking soda on your teeth could in the long run harm your teeth.

Peel the bananas! – The next quite effective teeth whitening home remedies are hidden in the peel of the bananas!  In the morning before you even brush your teeth, peel a banana and brush your teeth with the banana peel.  This is said to be a secret teeth whitening technique.

Some do’s and don’ts to be exercised at home for perfect radiant teeth :

  • Do not use your finger nails to prick the stains from your teeth
  • Quit smoking and avoid tobacco
  • Floss regularly
  • Rinse your mouth nicely after every meal or snack
  • Avoid munching in between meals if possible.

These are some teeth whitening home remedies if exercised religiously could get you results beyond your imagination.

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