Teeth Whitening Procedures

Distant probable teeth discoloration causes from your way of life

A rickety lifestyle promotes teeth from getting discolored. One is prone to have discolored teeth ,if one does not keep a good oral hygiene or is obsessed with smoking or is drinking too much of beverages that stain the normal white color of the teeth.  The teeth whitening procedure would depend upon the tendency and the amount of teeth that require the repair work!

The teeth whitening procedures

The following are the most sought after teeth whitening procedures that are accessible these days and are quite effective too:

Teeth whitening strips: The teeth whitening strips are easy to use and this is probably the reason why these strips are getting popular day after day. Using the tooth whitening strips does not require any medical supervision and are also quite effective.

  • How to use it – You are required to read the instruction box carefully, before using the same. Normally each brand of tooth whitening strip would require one to wrap the strip containing a whitening gel on to the teeth (upper and lower area)wait for few moments as per the instruction in that particular box and then just remove it from the teeth.  The gel content in the strip should not be allowed to fill the mouth, spit out any excess gel. Do not expect a breakthrough immediately, this preference of teeth whitening procedures normally takes about a week of application to show the result.

Natural home based teeth whitening procedures : There are a lot homemade ways that has the

abilities to make your teeth look brighter and whiter right at home! These measures are quite effective as without you burning your pocket in a limited time period you could get sparkling white teeth.

  • Baking soda – The natural bleaching agent instantly bleaches your teeth removing the yellow stains. However, it should not applied plain on to your teeth as it can cause a burning sensation.  You may mix it with various ingredients which also are readily available in your kitchen such as the strawberries, toothpaste or just the common salt. Apply any of the combinations with the baking soda making a concoction and watch for the wonders it does for your teeth.
  • Abrasives – Food items that are abrasive in nature work best in whitening your teeth and are one of the effective natural teeth whitening procedures. The celery, sesame seeds, apples and the likes are abrasive food that clean your teeth and give you the sparkling tinge of white color.
  • Banana and strawberry magic – The peels of the banana fruit if rubbed before brushing the teeth, are said to whiten the teeth. In addition to it, using strawberries the same way is also a teeth whitening procedure.
  • Chew and brush – Chewing gums and using teeth whitening toothpastes are other home based teeth whitening procedures.

Other professional teeth whitening procedures include:

In-office bleaching , at home bleaching, over the counter bleaching.


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