The best teeth whitening methods

The American dental association approves of the following as the best teeth whitening methods they are:

#1 – In office bleaching – this is one of the best teeth whitening methods which delivers optimum results.  In office bleaching is actually done under the supervision of a professional dentist. This method is quite popular as under professional care you tend not to risk your teeth with any kind of infections or problems. This method minimizes any risks involved; however, it could be an expensive means of getting the results.


  • Under this method, the teeth get perfectly polished with pumice stone, which is a coarse material which works and removes all the tartar that might have formed onto the teeth.
  •  A hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide would be used to as a whitening solution or as bleaching agents to remove the brown or yellow stains from the teeth of a person. [At times heat is required to aggravate peroxide to whiten the teeth, therefore, lazer, or curing lights could probably be utilized for the same.]
  • After attaining the required shade, teeth would be rinsed in water and some clinical application, to relieve the sensitivity (it is a probability in some people).
  • Thereafter, for 24 hours the food stuffs that could possibly re-stain your teeth would be asked to avoid.

#2 – In home bleaching – The deposits of calculus or tartar could be treated by a in home bleaching method.  In this method a dentist would take an impression of the teeth, formulating a custom fitted tray. This tray is supposed to be worn by the patient for about two weeks daily at night for about two hours.  In fact, the duration as to how much time this tray needs to kept and for how many days is all people specific.  This best teeth whitening method too would be performed under the supervision of a dentist.

#3 – Over the counter– These are self controlled products which require no supervision.  These are cost effective and have the possibility to provide you some best teeth whitening results. However, major risks are involved in opting for this method as it is not done under any medical supervision.

Would these best teeth whitening techniques last for long?

It is a lingering question which strikes the mind of a person who would like to opt for teeth whitening methods. A normal teeth whitening method can basically last for about 1 to 3 years. Provided you take good care not to re stain them!

Tips for preventing re-staining of teeth

Brush your teeth – Brush your teeth thoroughly atleast twice a day so that your teeth remain healthy and do not get prone to the unwanted deposit of tartar.

Floss it – It is important not only to brush but also floss your teeth daily.  It is also recommended by the American Dental Association to floss teeth once in a day.

Visit your dentist – Regular visits to the dentist also minimizes the risks involved in re-staining of the teeth. Having regular cleaning sessions at your dentists place is also beneficial.

Raise questions – Inquire each and every doubt that you might have about the oral dental care with your dentist.  


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