Tips for teeth whitening at home – Cut the cost! Do teeth whitening right at home

It is an old saying that prevention is always better than cure.  This stands true for teeth whitening too. Always take care of your teeth and do things that will prevent your teeth from getting stained.  Following are the few methods of home teeth whitening for your perusal:

Brushing and flossing – To avoid your teeth getting discolored it is essential that you brush your teeth regularly.  It is observed that those people who brush their teeth after meal possess sparkling white teeth.  If not after every meal but in a day brushing your teeth twice followed by flossing will give provide you with the white color of the teeth that you always wanted to have. People generally tend to undermine the benefits of flossing, however for getting whiter and brighter teeth, you are required to floss them regularly.

Watch what you drink! –

  • Cola – The carbonated drinks like cola’s, could take their toll upon your teeth.  It is a proven fact that if you put a tooth in a carbonated drink overnight and keep it aside, the next morning you won’t find the teeth in there.  This is because it would have got dissolved in that drink.
  • Coffee – Any type of coffee, black or dark is bad news for the color of your teeth.  Coffee can stain your teeth easily.  Drink a glass of water after having coffee to minimize the risk of getting your teeth stained.
  • Red wine – Another drink to do away with if you need to have pearl white teeth.  There are acids in this wine which would wash away the enamel and expose the yellow tint which is underneath.  Giving your teeth a yellow tinge.  Therefore it is better to do away with these. This is another home whitening tip that you could be cautious at home.
  • Cranberry juice – These have pigments which are highly concentrated in nature. Its sugar content also causes the teeth to get yellow. Refraining from having cranberry juice is a good alternative to get the white teeth that you always wanted to have.

Do it yourself kits – A number of do it yourself kits are available in the market these days which normally don’t have any side effects.  You may pick on any of these and try them at home itself.  These do it yourself kits have bleaching agents, therefore ensure that you do not over bleach.  It’s better to start with a milder product before getting your hands upon the stronger one.

Getting your hands on home based remedies

  • Get baking soda mix it with some salt or strawberries apply the same on to your teeth.  In few days you will be having sparkling white teeth.
  • Before you brush your teeth gently brush it with the peel of a banana, It also ensures you get white teeth naturally.
  • Your regular toothpaste could be mixed with baking soda as a home teeth whitening technique.

Do not use teeth for any other purpose- it is a common habit which most of us have that if we have to open some plastic packet, we would employ or teeth to do the opening ceremony! However, please do not use your teeth for another purpose than eating as it can also attribute to teeth discoloring.

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