Want snowy white teeth? Read on how to whiten your teeth and make them picture perfect!

A beautiful smile pleases everyone.  However, the yellow stains on teeth are a put off.  Healthy snowy white teeth help enhance the beauty of the face.  Read on for some interesting tips on teeth whitening:

A lot of care and cleaning goes into getting beautiful pearl like teeth. However, most of us are more or less prone to getting yellowing teeth.  The discoloration of teeth is very bothersome. When you take portrait pictures of yours you find your teeth yellow you would feel quite distressed.

Discoloration of teeth – It is when some minute splinters appear on to your tooth enamel that the teeth begin to discolor. When the tooth enamel breaks away, the innate color of the tooth enamel can be seen.  It is quite normal in some cities where the fluoride content is high in water, to get discolored teeth.  The initial milk teeth would not have much of the yellow color. The cracks or the breaks would also not be evident leaving the tooth enamel with fewer cracks.

Methods to whiten teeth

  • Clear white snowy teeth :

A simple teeth whitening tip – Brush your teeth after every meal, it could leave you with beautiful snowy white teeth forever.  You would not have to go for any artificial methods to get beautiful teeth.

  • How to whiten teeth naturally –
  • Use baking soda – the easiest and safe method of getting your teeth whitened naturally is by using baking soda to brush your teeth. However, putting just the baking soda has a tendency to harm your gums.  For this reason, add some baking soda to your regular toothpaste while brushing. It would not burn your gum and would eventually give you healthy white teeth.

Advantages of baking soda on used on your teeth:

The baking soda acts more or less like a scrub – The coarse properties of the baking soda helps in getting rid of any visible stain o your teeth.

 An effective germicide – It helps in exterminating any kind of bacteria or germs.

 Fresh breath – The baking soda would ensure fresh and clean breath for your mouth.

 Cost effective – The cost of one packet of baking soda is minimal.  A packet would remain for many days of use.

  • Use of strawberries for healthy white teeth – It is one of the important ingredients available at home which would benefit your teeth to become whiter. What you are required to do for white teeth is to just brush the strawberries against your teeth.  The strawberries have some non chemical whitening agents which help your teeth to appear healthy white. Even the seeds of this red fruit are beneficial for teeth as these seeds have the abilities to clean your teeth too!
  • Ashes of wood – Wood ashes can clean your teeth considerably. It would very well let the discoloration also disappear. It is an excellent cleaning agent which can make you look beautiful with your pearly white teeth.

Cautionary Note: Consulting your dentist is a good alternative to minimize any risk involved prior to trying the basic home remedies for whitening your teeth.


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