An Overview of How to Get Rid of a Toothache

Toothache refers to a state in which one experiences pain in the tooth or in the area around the tooth.  Causes may vary from a tooth cavity, gum disease or the root being exposed. Toothache if left untreated could eventually make extraction necessary.

Talking about how to get rid of a toothache one could try the following home remedies (in case of mild pain):

  • Combine clove oil with olive oil in the ratio 3:1. Dip a cotton ball in this infusion and place in around the affected tooth.
  • Chewing a piece of garlic can also help one get rid of a toothache to an extent.
  • Simply chop a piece of onion and place it around the tooth.
  • Lime contains vitamin c and is a good remedy for tooth ache.
  • A pain killer like aspirin could be taken.
  • Gargling with salt and warm water helps.
  • Brandy and whiskey too are useful in relieving toothache.
  • Cleansing your mouth with a few drops of tea tree essential oil infused with water will help.

If you are suffering one of the following you must visit a dentist:

  • People suffering from diabetes, blood pressure or heart related issues.
  • It is also suggested that pregnant women and children visit the dentist without trying remedies on their own to learn more about how to get rid of a toothache.
  • If the pain does not subsidize in two to three days you must visit a dentist.
  • If one has breathing or swallowing problems.
  • If one has fever along with severe tooth ache.

For a small cavity treatment a filling is necessary and in case of a larger one treatment includes placement of a crown. In case the pulp is injured due to cavity penetration either a root canal treatment or tooth extraction is done.

In treating gum disease oral hygiene and removal of bacterial plaque is involved.

In case the tooth root has been exposed it will get sensitive towards anything hot, cold or sour as they are no longer protected with healthy gums. In early stages of sensitivity dentists suggest tooth gels and medicinal toothpastes that should be used regularly.

As an old saying goes prevention is better than cure  it is highly recommended that one brushes teeth twice daily and visit a dentist once every six months.

Causes for toothache:

  • Dental Cavities: Dental cavity is one of the most common causes of toothache. When there is a hole in the two outer layers of tooth-enamel and the dentin it is called a dental cavity. The larger cavities can be very painful and it may be accompanied with a small swelling around the tooth.
  • Gum diseases: Gum disease which is also known as periodontal disease. It refers to an inflammation of the soft tissue and could result in loss of the tooth. Some of the factors   that cause gum disease include smoking, oral hygiene, diabetes, etc.
  • Tooth sensitivity: When the bacterial toxins are dissolved in the bone around the teeth it results in loss of tooth sensitivity.
  • Unhealthy dietary intake: Consumption of soft drinks, cakes, pastries, or products with high levels of sugar excessively leads to tooth decay.

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