Can a Toothache Cause a Headache?

Insights on the trigeminal nerve – which may be the answer for the question of can a toothache cause a headache?

The sensory nerve which is the largest in the head is the trigeminal nerve.  It is this nerve which carries sensations and feelings to the major areas of the face such as the jaws, teeth, gums, scalp etc.  This nerve is sensitive.  A pain in this nerve could, make the other nerves also get affected. When this pain turns severe or chronic, that would trigger the person to suffer from an acute headache. There is a great deal of inter connectivity between the jaw, the head and the face muscles. Any kind of discomfort in these areas could cause headache too.

¡        Tooth abscess– Interestingly, tooth abscess could lead to a headache.  A severe cavity or else some kind of crack in the teeth could cause infection in the teeth as well as the teeth surrounding the area.

¡        Lingual nerve – It is a possibility that the lingual nerve could be affected of the teeth abscess. The lingual nerve is nerve which placed in the mouth.  It is a pain nerve which is quite prominent. If there is some kind of agitation or pressure, in or around the tooth that is abscessed, this particular nerve would send signals to the head that something is wrong. In turn cause headache.

¡        Decay in the tooth – The toothache would majorly be caused because of the decay in a tooth. The abscess in the tooth would give pressure to the tooth surrounding the said tissues and nerves. If the nerve thus affected happens to be a trigeminal nerve, then, the same could be mistaken as a headache.

The do not’s for doing away with headaches from a toothache –

  • Avoid sugary items that are supposed to trigger the cavity formation in the mouth.
  • Treat an affected teeth at the earliest possible to avoid any recurrent pain.
  • Take pain relievers to relive you from the persistent pain that you are having on your head.

The available treatments for a toothache

The answer to the question Can a toothache cause a headache? Is absolutely, yes! The treatment for a toothache majorly depends upon the cause of the toothache.  There are different types of toothaches that can appear in a human being. Dentist after seeing the medical history and doing a thorough examination determines what is required to give relief to the patient from a toothache.  To do away with the same the dentist would take some X -rays and the requisite tests thereafter arrange for a treatment. In some cases the teeth would have to be filled, in some others the same would be extracted and so on.

Thus, can a toothache cause a headache? Happens to be quite a simple question to be answered. But the pain that is being bearded by the person who has toothache is kind of unexplainable.  Do away with the toothache to relive the headache.

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