Home Remedies for a Toothache

A toothache is referred to as the pain in the tooth, or an ache around the gums or even the jaw. A toothache is a common phenomenon that can occur to anyone, at any age.  The person suffering from the toothache would probably be a daily wager, a scientist or even can be a countries President.

Some common and effective home remedies for a toothache are:

  • Garlic for toothache- Did you knew the common garlic that you find in your kitchen is an excellent reliever of toothache? Garlic is said to have properties that could not only give relief from the recurring toothache but also can possibly cure a toothache.

Procedure:  Garlic clove needs to be placed crushed with some rock salt at the affected tooth.  It would most of the times sooth the toothache and possibly cure it too!

Prominence: This inexpensive commodity has been has ‘allicin’ having antibiotic properties to counter a toothache.  Garlic slows down any possible bacterial movement. Its strong but its accessible and is quite inexpensive.

  • Freezing  Ice – Ice that have in your refrigerators give some relief to the pain that you might have in your tooth

Procedure: Ice could possibly be put on to the aching tooth or could be rubbed in the area which is between your thumb of your hand and the forefinger.

Prominence: The above mentioned technique has a good amount of success percentage [60 – 90] relieving you from any probable toothache temporarily.

  • Clove or clove oil – The common clove found in the spice rack of your kitchen also makes your toothache to vanish temporarily.

Procedure: Bite a clove by the affected tooth; place it there for a while. You would get some amount of relaxation from the toothache. Else, clove oil could just be dabbed on to the affected area or the tooth.

Prominence: Using clove is one of the home remedies for toothache, as a Clove is said to have anesthetic properties which are mild and provide relief from the toothache instantly. Clove fight bad breathe too!

  • Pepper – The next most commonly sought after home remedies for toothache is using pepper on the affected tooth.

Procedure: Pepper in a powdered form could be put on to the tooth that is aching and along with normal salt.

Prominence: This mixture is quite effective for teeth that are sensitive, pepper is said to have some medicinal properties which can eventually cure or give relief to a progressive toothache.

  • The tangy lime – The home remedies for tooth ache also include the herbal medication of lime which is supposed to make your toothache disappear (at least for a time being).

Procedure: Eat a lime as a whole; do not peel the cover of the lime. This is an excellent tooth pain reliever.

Prominence:  This technique of lime treatment is an effective way of getting rid of your toothache.  Lime is Vitamin C rich, which has properties that are useful in retaining the health of the teeth preventing any probable tooth decay, teeth loosening, bleeding gums etc.

There are many other home remedies available for curing toothache. However, the home remedies for a toothache have the ability to just relieve the pain for a time being. To counter toothache and to get to the root cause of having a toothache would be known in consultation with a dentist.


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