How to Combat Tooth Pain After a Filling?

It is a possibility that one may get a tooth pain after filling is done by a dentist. A tooth filling is usually done by the people who would like to save their teeth which is either broken or is getting decayed.  The dentist cleans up the affected tooth with his tools and removes all the buildup decay and any other unwanted particles.  The tooth pain after filling could be of different types. Some of the major tooth aches which happen after a filling is done are as follows:

The area where the filling is done – Toothache can occur around the area where the new dental filling is done. The probable reason for this might be that the filling that is done on to the teeth would not be proper.  For this reason, you may have to visit your dentist again and get your teeth filling inspected at the earliest. This is because this kind of pain has a tendency to aggravate.

Biting pain – Another form of a tooth pain after filling would be when you bite food stuffs.  This pain may occur or you may experience this pain when if the filling that is being done to your decayed tooth is not of the right size. Immediately after the effect of the anesthesia wears off this kind of pain could be experienced.  Thus, see your dentist at the earliest if you experience this tooth pain after filling, he/she would give you some solution to avenge the pain or else you would have to endure it unnecessarily.

Allergies – Tooth pain after filling could be because of some of the allergic reactions that may occur to some people after filling the tooth. While performing this procedure, a dentist makes use of a number of chemicals or materials for filling the tooth.  Most commonly, allergies happen due to the silver amalgam used to fill the tooth.  If at all you assume it is an allergic reaction which is causing the tooth pain after filling, get the filling replaced with some other material by the dentist.

Fighting the tooth pain after filling:

Tooth paste for tooth pain! –  Some relief if not complete relief could be offered by using a sensitive toothpaste on to the teeth if you have tooth pain after filling.  It is recommended to consult a dentist before switching into one.

Go in for a root canal treatment! –  If your tooth pain is still persistent, you would be required to do a root canal treatment on to the affected teeth to completely get rid of the pain continual pain.

Normally after filling is done properly on a tooth it does not much hurt, however, it would hurt if something went wrong while doing the procedure.  If your affected tooth is filled highly them also you may get tooth pain.  To get some immediate relief for the tooth pain after filling you may resort to aroma therapy or acupuncture to get some relief from the toothache before visiting a dentist.  These two are home remedies that do work to relive a tooth pain after filling.

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