How to Stop a Toothache

Toothache can range from slight to severe excruciating pain. Toothache pain may cause sharp or dull constant pain and may even spread to ears, jaws and head too.

Toothache can be because of several dental reasons that include decayed tooth, caries, fractured or broken tooth, locked in food between the teeth, infection and inflammation of the pulp and gums and several other reasons. There are a number of effective remedies on how to stop a toothache but for a permanent toothache cure, the cause of the pain should be treated by a dentist.


Some procedures and remedies are effective in alleviating tooth pain temporarily and can help you in eating and sleeping as well. The following remedies are very much effective in relieving toothache-

  • Alcohol- Take a mouthful of whisky or wine, hold it inside the mouth near the aching tooth for some time and spit it out. The alcohol will numb the stressed nerves and soothe your tooth pain. Also one can dip a cotton ball in whisky, placed over the tooth and allow the cotton to bite between the teeth. The absorbed alcohol will provide quick relief to your tooth pain.
  • Cayenne pepper- Cayenne pepper have compound called as capsaicin which is a potent natural pain reliever. Apply grind cayenne topically on the aching tooth for instant pain relief.
  • Potato- One can also place sliced refrigerated potato against the aching tooth to reduce tooth pain. A sliced chilled cucumber will also work similarly. This is one of the simplest remedies on how to stop a toothache.
  • Teabag remedy- Prepare sage or pepper mint tea by steeping tea leaves in a hot water for few minutes. Remove the leaves and use the tea for rinsing. Sip in some warm tea and swirl the tea inside the mouth around the aching tooth and then spit it out. This will eliminate the pain by killing the bacteria causing the tooth pain. Applying warm tea bag over the affected tooth is also known to alleviate pain.
  • Clove and peanut butter- This is another remedy on how to stop a toothache. Clove contains natural antiseptic and analgesic effect that is helpful in alleviating pain. Rub clove oil on the toothache and the gums. This will reduce the pain in seconds. You can make a paste of crushed clove with peanut butter and apply this paste to the painful tooth. Keep the paste for some time to provide relief.
  • Guava and spinach leaves- Chew on the leaves early in the morning until the juice is squeezed inside the tooth. The juice contains natural pain relieving properties and this will reduce your pain.
  • Turmeric sticks- Turmeric is a culinary coloring herb that contains natural antiseptic property. Turmeric is not only good for healing wounds, bruises and burns and other skin disorders, it is ideally good in relieving tooth pain. Burn few turmeric sticks and prepare a powder. Use this burned powdered turmeric as tooth powder. You can rub it over your teeth and gums regularly. The antiseptic property will kill the bacteria and thus provide pain relief.

These are some of the remedies on how to stop a toothache.

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