Insights on Pregnancy and Toothaches – Are toothaches during pregnancy common?

Pregnancy bestows the body of a woman with innumerable changes ranging from the changes in the level of the hormones, blood flow patterns, requirement of vitamins and so on. If a woman gets a toothache while she is pregnant the first question that she might ask is are toothaches during pregnancy common? If the same is common then she would not be worried much. Worry is not good for a pregnant woman. So let’s do away with the worry and know how one can combat the toothaches during pregnancy:

What are the causes of toothaches during pregnancy?

“Are toothaches during pregnancy common?” is a question that is asked by every woman who gets a toothache during her pregnancy, the causes of the toothache are mentioned below:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Bacteria build-up

In pregnancy period, a woman would experience blood flow alterations, which is the result of hormones. Gums of a pregnant lady would become spongy. It might also sore a bit. All these would make the woman feel that she is experiencing pain on teeth. The other reason would be the common building up of the bacteria on to the teeth. The itsy bitsy nothings which get caught between the teeth get the bacteria to accumulate in them. These also tend to get the pregnant woman pain in her teeth.

What is the preventive solution for this toothache?

Mild toothaches might be ignored by the pregnant ladies; the soreness on the gums would make the pregnant woman not to brush the aching tooth properly. It would foster growth of the bacteria. With toothaches, it is quite common to bleed a bit when she brushes her teeth. Do not be afraid of the bleeding too. It is common amongst many pregnant ladies.

Are the pain killers advisable?

When a woman is having a baby, generally it is not advisable for her to take many of the pain killers that are had during normal times for toothaches. The pain killers or pain relievers are not good for the baby. Though many pregnant woman know the answer for the question of are toothaches during pregnancy common? Still a remedy is what they would look for while in pain. If you or the woman who is pregnant gets unbearable pain, the best remedy to relieve the pain is to consult an obstetrician. Of all the remedial medicines, the safest to have is – Acetaminophen. It is important to add here that, you should not take any medicine before you have consulted with your physician. Why take any chances with your baby inside you. Bear the pain as much as possible; take medicine only as per the physician’s instructions.
Is there a diet to combat the toothache during pregnancy?

Prevention is always better than cure, so as to prevent the question “are toothaches during pregnancy common?” from arising in a woman’s pregnancy period, it is advised that she takes a diet that would automatically prevent this situation from arising. Have a diet which includes the following:

  • Vitamin C rich
  • Lean protein
  • High on fiber

You may for the pregnancy period only lessen the amount of sugar and starch that you intake.

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