Natural Home Remedies for a Toothache Relief While Pregnant

Toothache is common during pregnancy. The most common reason for a toothache while pregnant is bacterial dental caries or decay. Toothache can cause added stress on the body and this can be harmful to both the mother as well as the baby. Therefore, even a minor toothache should be treated.

Treating pregnant women with antibiotics and other pain relievers may not be a good option. So, a pregnant woman can opt for some safer natural home toothache relief while pregnant.

There are many safe remedies that you can follow without compromising the health of the mother and the baby.

Natural toothache relief while pregnant-

Chewing cloves- Cloves are a culinary herb that has both anti-bacterial as well as anesthetic effect on pain. A pregnant woman can either chew on cloves or crushed few cloves and place the paste on the affected tooth. Also clove oil is good for relieving tooth pain. Rub few drops of clove oil directly on the aching tooth or soak a cotton ball in oil and placed the soaked cotton ball over the affected tooth. The antibacterial and anesthetic effect of clove oil will alleviate your toothache immediately. But one should use only diluted clove oil. Undiluted oil is very strong and may cause burns and irritation if not used properly.

Hot or cold compress- Pregnant women can use either hot or cold compress for toothache relief while pregnant. Take some raw ice or ice pack and apply the cold compress directly outside the toothache area or one can put the cold ice over the aching tooth. Chewing ice can also help in alleviating the pain. The cold effect will instantly numb the aching tooth and provide you some relief. Some feels that hot compress works best for toothache. If heat relieves your toothache better, then use a heat bag or soak a cloth in hot water, apply the warm damp cloth over the affected tooth area.

Rinsing- Rinsing often helps in relieving toothache. Rinsing with a solution of warm water with salt will work in allaying the pain. Sip a mouthful of salt water, hold for 30 seconds and spit it out. Also a mixture of honey, squeezed lemon and warm water can soothe toothache by killing bacteria causing the pain.

Vanilla extract- Place a clean cotton ball in vanilla extract and place the soaked cotton on the aching tooth. You can also directly rub few drops of liquid vanilla onto the affected tooth and also on the surrounding gums. It will soothe your tooth pain quickly.

Ginger and garlic- Both are culinary herbs that have soothing effect on toothache. Grind them into a paste and placed on the affected tooth or you can chew few cloves of garlic to alleviate the toothache.

Although these remedies are effective as well as safe for pregnant women, they are just for temporary pain relief and should never be used as a substitute for a permanent toothache relief. While these remedies can be used as a toothache relief while pregnant, any serious causes of toothache such as infection and inflammation of the pulp should be addressed by a professional dentist for better treatment.

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