Natural Toothache Remedies for Pregnant Women

Toothache during pregnancy can be due to gum diseases, wisdom tooth, swollen gums, tooth decay and deficiency of calcium in the body. The main cause of toothache in pregnant women is imbalanced hormone levels. Increased estrogen and progesterone levels can make pregnant women more susceptible to dental infections, sensitivity and caries.

Treating toothache during pregnancy is vital. If left unattended, it can lead to periodontal diseases and in severe cases can affect the fetus. This means a dreadful toothache can harm the baby.

Most pregnant women are cautious about over the counter pain killers and prescription medicines during pregnancy as it can possibly affect the fetus. However, advanced medical treatments are now safe for the baby. The best thing one can do is see a doctor and seek medical help.

Natural toothache remedies for pregnant women-

Beside from seeing a doctor and taking pain killers, pregnant women can try some of these effective natural home remedies to relieve toothache.

  • Clove for toothache: One of the most effective toothache remedies for pregnant women is using a clove or clove oil to alleviate the pain. One can chew on a clove or soak a cotton ball in a clove oil and placed it over the aching tooth. The antiseptic properties of the clove will alleviate your toothache immediately.
  • Hot compression: Soak a damp cloth in warm water and pressed it on the pain area outside the mouth near the cheek. This can allay toothache for some time.
  • Cold ice compression: One of the safe and effective toothache remedies for pregnant women is using a cold compress over the pain surface. One can soak a cloth in ice cold water and apply it on the outside pain area or a pack of ice can be placed over the toothache. It would relief the pain by numbing the nerves causing toothache.
  • Onion: Chewing some raw onion for about 3 minutes will allay the pain. If the toothache is too hurting to chew, one can directly place a slice of onion on top of the affected tooth.
  • Garlic: Garlic is an ancient old natural remedy for toothache. Pregnant women can chew on garlic or directly apply crushed garlic clove on the toothache. Garlic contains antibiotic compound allicin which reduces the bacteria. Once the bacteria are reduced the pain will alleviate on its own. Garlic remedy is effective in relieving toothache immediately.
  • Guava leaves: Guava leaves can be chewed till the juice oozes out from the leaves or one can put few guava leaves to boiling water, cool it and add pinch of salt to it. Use this solution to gargle the mouth. Repeat gargling several times to make sure the solution completely penetrates the aching tooth.
  • Spinach leaves: Chew on the raw spinach leaves against the toothache or simply crush the leaves into a paste and apply it directly on the affected tooth.
  • Avoid sugary foods: Pregnant women with toothache should avoid eating sweet and sugary foods. It can cause increased plague build up and worsen the toothache.
  • Rinse with warm water: Very simple home remedy to relief toothache is to rinse the teeth with warm water. One can add little bit of salt to lukewarm water and enhance its effectiveness. Rinsing will soothe the pain as well as remove the lodged food particles in between the teeth.

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