Pain Relief for a Toothache During Pregnancy

Toothache is an intense feeling of sensitivity on the teeth and gums. Toothache stimulates a sharp pain in the teeth which also leads to pain in the jaws and face. The tissues of gums are swollen up and if it is not treated then it can lead to dental abscess (infection in tissues). Toothache occurs in all ages, childhood or adults. Most of the pregnant women are also affected by toothache problem. Toothaches during pregnancy are generally caused by sore in the teeth and swollen gums. Toothache for mother-to –be is really exasperating as it can give more stress to the body. This type of oral condition can affect the fetus as well because there is connection between the dental condition and the premature baby.

Causes for Toothache during pregnancy:

  • Hormonal changes: During pregnancy in woman, there is an occurrence of hormonal changes. There is an emission of hormones, estrogen and progesterone during the pregnancy. Hormonal changes leads to some physical changes in woman and it also affects swelling in the gum. This makes the food particles an easy way to cause irritation to the gum and that develops into gum infection and toothache.
  • Decrease of calcium: Pregnancy decreases the level of calcium in the body. The fetus in woman’s womb requires a more amount of calcium as to strengthen their bones. So, if a mother-to-be has a lack of calcium in her body then she can suffer from toothache.
  • Pregnancy gingivitis: The pregnancy gingivitis is one of the common gum problems which are experienced by most of the pregnant woman. The pregnancy gingivitis is caused due to bacterial attack on the gum. Basically, this type of gingivitis includes softness in gum, bulge in gum and swelling. During this dental condition, the expecting woman can also suffer from bleeding of gum. The gum which is infected is red in color.
  • Tooth decay: Pregnancy in women does not protect them from tooth decay or growth of wisdom tooth. Woman during these period, are tempted towards consuming sugary and sweet foods. Consuming too much of these foods will develop in causing tooth decay in pregnant woman.
  • Pregnancy tumors: Toothache during pregnancy can cause a serious problem for the woman. The swelling gum between the teeth because of excess level of plaque can lead to tumor. However, this type tumor shrinks after the baby’s birth. If the tumor creates some uneasiness while brushing the teeth and chewing then you can opt for the removal of the tooth.

Toothache during pregnancy pain relief:

  • Rinsing: Rinsing the mouth with water after every meal can be an effective remedy for the toothache during pregnancy pain relief.  Rinse will soothe the pain and it eliminates the bacteria from the mouth. The method for rinsing is very simple, all you have to do is take a 1 tea spoon of salt and 1 cup of lukewarm water.  Then rinse for 30 seconds and do not swallow the water. You can even mix 1 tea spoon of honey and lemon juice in the water.  Then rinse for 30 seconds.
  • Clove:  Clove is the most effective remedy for the toothache during pregnancy pain relief. Squash the clove and place it between the painful teeth. Then allows the clove liquid to flow in the mouth.  You will feel a sort relief from the pain within an hour. The clove oil can also be use as the toothache remedy. Just dip cotton in the oil and put it in the teeth and this will soothe your teeth.
  • Numbing: This treatment will help in the toothache during pregnancy pain relief. Put some ice in a plastic bag and wrap it with a cotton cloth or towel. Then rest that ice pack on the painful tooth. This will help you in numbing the pain. You can also use cold beverages such as, ice pops and slushies for this remedy.

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