Tell Me Why My Toothache Gets Worse When I Lay Down?

We might have heard people who have got toothaches saying that: “toothache gets worse when I lay down!”. This is a common phenomenon which a lot of people might have experienced in their lives when they had toothaches. However, let us understand the fact behind the same in this article which throws light on the opinion that people give that toothache gets worse when i lay down.

The underneath relevance or cause behind this statement of – toothache gets worse when i lay down:

  • Blood circulation – When one lies down, the blood circulates to the neck and the head area.  When the head is elevated the blood would probably flow down and your pain would ease a bit.  It probably is because of the pressure of the blood that unbearable pain is experienced.
  • Dental abscess – The abscess causes pain or inflammatory feeling in the affected area of the tooth.  The pain thus caused is quite severe in nature. It would by nature be continuous too. On top of it, if you happen to chew from the affected tooth, the pain would intensify and thereafter if you lay down, you would probably get up saying “my toothache gets worse when i lay down”!

How to prevent the toothache when you are lying down:

  • Seek medical help – If you happen to counter a feeling that you might be having tooth decay to avoid any probable situation where you would have to say my toothache gets worse when i lay down, go and get your affected tooth treated of the problem at the earliest.  In the case of teeth do not take any risk, a timely medication of treatment is always better than aggravating the problem and waiting for the time when the pain get unbearable and consequently could have to be extracted without any treatment.
  • Take the focus off from your teeth – When it is night time you tend to be more calm and relaxed.  All your energies would possibly be focused on your toothache that would be the reason why you would keep on repeating while getting up that my toothache gets worse when i lay down!
  • Keep an ice pack – For some immediate relief from the toothache, you may place or keep an ice pack on the affected area.
  • Do away with Cavities – Brush your teeth twice or better thrice a day, even if you do not have any toothache.  As the evergreen saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Have a good oral hygiene. If you have good oral hygiene you would not have to endure any kind of toothache that would aggravate when you lay down. Along with brushing your teeth it is advisable to brush your tongue as well. Exerting too much pressure on to the teeth is also not good.  It would eventually do away with the good enamel of the tooth. Flossing is another good alternative to do away with the cavities that hamper oral hygiene.

It is quite an uneasy situation when you have a headache, you would not be in a position to lie down and feel at ease because of the blood that flows on to the head and exerts pressure causing severe toothache.  Just do away with this situation by maintaining a good oral hygiene!

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