The Best Painkillers for a Toothache

The toothaches that occur could be because of varied reasons; every toothache hence would have a different type of remedy also.  Some may require the pulp that is causing the toothache to be physically removed.  Some would heal with the medications that the dentist prescribes. The following gives you an insight upon the best painkiller for toothache that could be used in almost every toothache situation:

Ibuprofen – This is a NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug) is considered to be the best pain killer for tooth aches by the dentists. Looking out for the best pain killer for toothaches is a fancy. When you want to get some relief from the deadening pain, a ibuprofen would definitely make this work out for you.

Tylenol – This is another medicine which gives quick relief to the any kind of toothache problem as it works upon the nerve pain.  However this cannot be termed as a best painkiller for toothache as this medicine tends to heal the pain in the tooth naturally.

Mint oil – Another of the best painkiller for toothaches is massaging mint oil on to the affected teeth. Mint oil is said to have properties which almost have the same effect of a local anesthesia given by a dentist.

 Coconut oil – You might have heard about a lot of uses of coconut oil.  However, coconut oil if massaged on the gums and the tooth that is paining could be considered as the best painkiller for toothache.

Clove oil – If you care for some herbal remedies for toothache, the best painkiller for toothache would be a clove oil.  Take a cotton ball dip in some clove oil in it.  It is a proven remedy that within seconds of applying it in the affected tooth and the adjacent gum area, you would get relived of the toothache instantly.  [Caution: It does not taste good]

Clove – Biting a clove also does wonders on to the persistent toothache.  If you are experiencing severe toothache, try biting down a clove and hold it there for at least a minute or so.  You will notice that the pain in your teeth is going down.  This also is considered to be the best painkiller for toothaches.

Ginger root – Cutting a piece of ginger root taking off its peal and placing the same directly on to the affected teeth having the tooth pain.  Another gingerly concoction is to mix dried ginger, some cardamom seeds and liquorice, apply the same on to the teeth.  This would relieve the pain immediately and is considered as the herbal best painkiller for toothache.

Icy-Icy – Use an ice pack or do an ice massage on the affected tooth that is aching. This would give you immediate relief and is actually considered to be the best painkiller for toothaches.

The above mentioned painkillers are all quite effective painkillers for toothaches. Everything said and done, these remedies would do away with the pain for only some amount of time.  You need to consult your dentist to get to the root cause of having a toothache.

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