Tooth Sensitivity to Cold: Prevention

What is tooth sensitivity?

Dentin Hypersensitivity is also known as tooth sensitivity. If you are experiencing a severe tooth ache while consuming hot, cold (coffee and ice creams) and sweets than that leads to tooth sensitivity .Breathing in cold air often can also cause tooth sensitivity. In tooth sensitivity, the tissue known as dentin is exposed and leads to severe tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Sensitivity to cold:

Tooth sensitivity to cold can affect a single tooth or all the teeth. One of the causes of tooth sensitivity is experiencing pain when you’r breathing in cold air. While brushing the teeth with cold water you can feel tooth sensitivity .There is a chance of developing permanent tooth sensitivity starting with difficulty in eating hot and cold food.

Causes of Tooth sensitivity:

  • Brushing with hard-bristled tooth brush: Brushing the teeth with hard-bristled tooth brush can lead to tooth sensitivity. Using this type of brushes will wear down the tissues of the teeth and affect the tubules (canals leading to the nerves of the teeth) severely. The exposure of tubules to hold and hot food leads tooth sensitivity to cold.
  • Grinding of teeth: The process of grinding the teeth damages the tooth enamel .This condition also exposes the dentin causing tooth sensitivity.
  • Tooth-whitening toothpaste: The chemicals which are used to make the tooth-whitening toothpaste can also lead to tooth sensitivity.
  • Acidic Foods: Acidic food such as grapefruit, pickles and lemon can render pathway of the dental nerves causing tooth sensitivity.
  • Gum diseases: If you are suffering from gum diseases that it will automatically lead to tooth sensitivity.
  • Plaque: While consuming food, some food particles get stuck with a substance named plaque. After combining with the food plaque generates acid which later affects the tooth enamel causing tooth sensitivity.
  • Cracked tooth: Cracked tooth can cause toothache and it can even be severe than tooth sensitivity.

Remedies for Tooth sensitivity to cold:

  • Desensitizing Toothpaste: Try using desensitizing toothpaste as it contains the ingredients which fill the tubules (canals leading to the teeth nerve) in the dentin. This is one of the effective remedy for tooth sensitivity to cold.
  • Fluoride Rinse: Fluoride helps in reducing the sensitivity; it also gives relief to those people who are suffering from tooth decay problems. This way you can save yourself from tooth sensitivity to cold.
  • Oral hygiene: To prevent your teeth from tooth sensitivity to cold you should be more aware of oral hygiene. Plaque is one of the substances which is sticks with the food and produces an acid causing damage to the tooth enamel. So’ one of the methods to fight against plaque is brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing. This will not only prevent the damaging the enamel but it will prevent tooth sensitivity to as well.
  • Control on consumption of acidic foods: Try to control on consuming acidic food-spicy pickle and colas and if possible cut down on your drinking hot beverages-coffee and tea. These foods are the common reasons for tooth sensitivity to cold.

If, your suffering from severe tooth that the best option will be consulting a dentist.

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