Toothache- What can you do immediately for a Painful Toothache?

Toothache is an intense pain in and around the tooth. They are usually caused due to cavities and gingivitis. In severe cases gingivitis and cavities can penetrate the pulp tissues and caused extreme pain, sensitivity and abscess.

Toothache may also be caused because of cracked or broken tooth, inflammation of the jaw bones or gums and infection of the pulp. Toothache can be aggravated by changes in temperature such as hot or cold fluids. Sometimes a person may not be able to chew or swallow foods. The excruciating pain is unbearable. In such condition what can you do immediately for a painful toothache?

Let us see some remedies that can help you to get relieve from toothache immediately. You can try some of these remedies to alleviate the intense pain of your tooth.

Simple but effective remedies for toothache using natural oils!

Clove oil:

Clove oil is what you can do immediately for a painful toothache. It is used for treating several pains and aches. It is one of the effective remedies for a toothache. Clove oil contains eugenol which has anti-septic, analgesic and anti-bacterial properties. Dried clove bud can be used to chew or you can use clove oil (extracted from the buds of clove). Just take a clean cotton swab or cotton ball and soaked it in a clove oil. Then put this soaked cotton ball on the toothache. The analgesic property of the clove oil will immediately reduce soreness and pain in the tooth.

Oregano oil:

Oregano oil is also effective in treating toothache. Same like in clove oil, you can dab a cotton ball with the oil and placed it on the affected tooth. The antibiotic property of oregano oil will immediately ease your toothache.

Tea tree oil:

Make a natural mouthwash from tea tree oil by mixing drops of tea tree oil in a glass of water. You can use this solution to rinse your mouth and teeth. It will help you to relieve your toothache immediately.

Peppermint oil:

Pepper mint oil is very effective in relieving toothache and can also cure dental carries. Dip a cotton swab on peppermint oil and apply it on the toothache area. It will decrease the soreness as well as pain in the tooth. You can also take a drink of peppermint leaves with warm water. This will not only eliminate toothache but it will also ease other related pains such as headaches.

Tea woods oil:

Use a cotton ball to dip in tea woods oil and apply it on the affected tooth. This will alleviate the pain. Herbal oil of tea pine is also an effective remedy to alleviate toothache immediately.

Rinsing with salt water:

Make saltwater solution by mixing little bit of salt in a warm water. You can use this saltwater to rinse your mouth regularly. It will give you relieve from toothache and also eradicate the infection.

Tea bags remedy:

Steeped a tea bag and place a wet tea bag on the affected tooth and gums. You can also warm a tea bag little bit to ease the pain.

These are some remedies what can you do immediately for a painful toothache.

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