Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Smiling is the most expressive way to show to people how happy you are. But when you are suffering from toothache pain, then there is more sadness to express than happiness. Toothaches are sudden, as one minute its fine and next time it can be extremely painful.

CAUSES OF TOOTHACHE: Toothache can be dull or intense ache, most of the time we feel pain when we are chewing food or drinking cold or hot liquids like coffee and cold drinks.

Now we will find out what are the causes for toothache:

  • Dental Cavity or Tooth Decay: The decay of the outer surface of the tooth is known as enamel and is called tooth decay. Plaque which is soft, colorless deposit sticks with the tooth enamel producing an acid which weakens and makes holes in the tooth.
  • PULPITIS: In this condition the nerve of the tooth or pulp is inflamed and irritated. During the inflammation of the tooth pulp, the tissue surrounding the tooth is pressurized causing from mild to extreme toothache.
  • DENTAL ABSCESS: This infection is caused by bacteria which badly affects the root of the tooth and also causes swollen gums.
  • WISDOM TEETH: When a tooth is unable to come out or is impacted than then there is a lot of pain in the gums for eg, wisdom teeth as they are last to erupt.  During this time the bone of the jaw takes a long time to accommodate to make a space for a new teeth so sometimes the teeth gets stuck under the gum causing pain and jaw soreness.
  • DISEASES IN GUMS: There are two types of gum diseases, gingivitis and periodontitis. Basically the gums surrounding the teeth are badly affected with these diseases by detaching gum from the teeth, makes holes in the teeth which invite more bacteria causing tooth decay.

This kind of toothache is caused by tooth or several teeth but there are other reasons also which causes toothache and they are:

  • Heart Diseases like Angina and Heart attack.
  • Inner and external ear infections.
  • Sinuses like passing of air of the cheek bones.
  • Chronic toothache like Neuralgias.


  • Avoid Tooth Aching Food: Try to avoid eating hard food like carrots, walnuts, guava and cold or hot liquids like coffee and cold drinks and avoid sweet food also which causes more tooth ache.
  • Vitamin-C: Make a habit of taking food that contains Vitamin-C which will strengthen your tooth enamel and also protects the teeth from micro-organisms.
  • Fluoride Based Toothpaste: While brushing your teeth twice a day, make sure that the toothpaste is fluoride based as it prevents your teeth from rotting, makes your teeth stronger and healthy.
  • Take Painkillers: Painkillers like Ibuprofen, Niacin plus are the analgesic which helps to reduce toothache.
  • Pepper: We can also apply one of the homely method i.e, mixing the pepper with salt prevents your tooth from aching, reducing bad breath and stops bleeding of gums.


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