Why Does my Toothache Go Away with Cold Water?

The statement that toothache goes away with cold water is very true!  If you want some quick relief from the persistent and continuous toothache that you have, you could without any doubt rely upon the efficiency of putting in ice cold water in the affected area.

Ice water is a quick pain reliever. If you would like to elevate your toothache completely, resort to the easing capabilities of ice cold water. If you have got pain while opening your mouth, you could do away with same with the help of water that is ice cold.  This is a remedy that you could resort to when in pain and no one is around to help, and you are not in a position to get to a dentist or buy any pain killers that you already take.

  • The availability quotient – Cold water is always more or less always available in any home.  Take it right away from the refrigerator.  While in toothache, by any chance you do not get cold water you may very well fetch the water from a water dispenser or a fountain. You do not have to necessarily resort to cold water from the refrigerator.
  • No side effects – Unlike some pain killers or pain reliever tablets, a cold water treatment does not have any kind of side effects attached to it.  You may literally say no to the pain relievers if you require just momentary relief from the toothache that you are experiencing.  It is quite evident that toothache goes away with cold water.
  • Proven to ease the pain quickly – Many a times having pain killers also would not ease the toothache that you may have to endure.  It is a true fact that toothache goes away with cold water.  Many people from times immemorial are utilizing the benefits of water to ease the pain which is caused from a decayed tooth.

The procedure to use ice cold water on an aching tooth

Fill your mouth with some cold water; swish the same around the tooth that is giving you pain. You would immediately feel a relief from the pain that you are experiencing. Flush the same out thereafter.  Repeat this process of filling and flushing.  All this while, the toothache that you ha would for sure not be there and you would be feeling relieved.

Counter statement – Some people say that the chilled cold water should be avoided if one has toothache. It is not however known how much effective this theory is. Nevertheless, it is advised not to aerated drinks, beer or soda etc to be swished in the affected area.

Disadvantage – toothache goes away with cold water but it is momentary – This is the only disadvantage that a cold water treatment has.  Cold water would for a moment do away with the pain, however, when the water is flushed out the same pain would emerge again.

Looking beyond the above mentioned disadvantage, this cold water treatment could be made into an immediate pain reliever for mild abscess in the tooth, pain that arises from a wisdom tooth, molars that ache etc.

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