Bad Breath After Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you have just had a surgery to remove your wisdom teeth and if you have to bear the stink in your mouth don’t panic it is common. The following may be the reasons for the foul smell in the mouth:

  • Poor oral health results in growth of bacteria which build up to set off bad odor. However, after a surgical extraction of the wisdom teeth/ tooth there are chances of bad breath as it takes some time for the area of extraction to heal. As such, besides bad breath one may also experience a foul taste in the mouth, blood clots and persistent bleeding etc. The blood clot can accelerate the bacterial growth causing the stink.
  • Moreover upon tooth extraction the area is exposed and as such it becomes more prone to infections which add to the bad breath.
  • Immediately after the surgery undoubtedly you will be left with some pain which may make it difficult to open the mouth to chew or brush properly. On account of the pain you may not be able to brush like the way you use to before the surgery. Food particles if any that is trapped in between the teeth or in the area of wisdom teeth extraction which don’t get swept by the bristles of the tooth brush, break down and become excellent breeding grounds for bacteria. This adds up to the foul odor. This is why it is extremely important to follow oral hygiene practices to the highest standards post surgery though it may be slightly painful. Alternatively one may drink lots of water to flush out the bacterial build up without adding on the existing post surgery pain.
  • If the bad breath after wisdom teeth removal persists for more than three-four days or hasn’t subsided then you must check with the dentist.
  • The bad breath may be a sign of dry socket. As a part of the surgery a hole is made into the bone from where the tooth is extracted. Upon pulling out the tooth, a clot is formed in the socket (hole) in order to shield the bone and the underlying nerves. If the clot dissolves or becomes dislodged post surgery, the bone along with the underlying nerves become exposed to the entrants of the mouth be it food, water, air, etc.  This can give rise to an infection resulting in pain and bad odor in the mouth. This is known as dry socket. This is why immediately after an oral surgery patients are advised not to sip liquids through straws or smoke as it can dislodge the blood clot to form a dry socket. Excessive spitting and rinsing too can cause dry socket.

Hence it is really important to follow the instructions given by the dentist post surgery and practice good oral hygiene. For this purpose gargling the mouth with salt water is advised post surgery.

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