Foods to Avoid after Wisdom Teeth Extraction to Speed up Healing

Wisdom teeth are at the last corner of your mouth right behind the molars. Sometimes extraction of one or all of the four wisdom teeth may be necessary when there is no enough space for the teeth. Extraction of wisdom teeth creates outsized holes in the gums and this may require stitches to avoid bleeding or getting infection or prevent dry sockets immediately after tooth extraction.

Blood clot formation is important because it covers up the extraction place and allows the site to heal. Incomplete blood clot will expose the underlying teeth bone to foods and air. This can cause pain and infections following the wisdom tooth extraction.

 Some of the foods to avoid after wisdom teeth extraction to help proper formation of blood clot for faster healing are as follows

  • Your dental surgeon may recommend you some diet post surgery to prevent any side-effects. You may need to follow some strict diets after extraction to improve healing period.
  • Avoid crunchy foods: During the first day or two crunchy foods or foods that require chewing such as hard food should be avoided. These foods can get logged in the extraction site and lead to infection. Have soft foods or liquids that don’t need crushing or grinding. Foods that melt in your mouth are the finest options.
  • Avoid hot and spicy foods and drinks: One of the foods to avoid after wisdom teeth extraction is spicy foods and hot drinks. Few days following the extraction, avoid hot and spicy foods. Hot drinks should be shunned for several days post surgery. Warm temperatures can cause blood clot to break off in the socket. This can result in infection of the site or dry socket. One can eat soft foods and lukewarm drinks such as soups, mashed potatoes, pudding, pasta and cottage cheese. But soups and drinks should be lukewarm. Be careful not to poke the extraction site by accident while eating. This can disrupt the stitches and cause bleeding.
  • Alcohol: It is best to avoid alcoholic beverages or drinks that require sucking with straws. Hot drinks and alcohols can cause irritation of the gums near the extraction area and this can delay the healing process. Sucking with a straw can cause breaking off of the blood clot and cause bleeding of the extracted site. Consume drinks such as water, milkshakes and juices with a spoon or drink it directly.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks: It is better to avoid soda drinks or carbonated drinks as they can cause weakening of the blood clot and increases the chances of dislocating in the mouth.
  • Avoid sugary foods: Other foods to avoid after wisdom teeth extraction is sweet and sugary foods. Avoid eating too much ice creams and milkshakes because excessive sugary foods can be offensive following the wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Avoid small foods: One should avoid eating small foods such as seeds (sesame or poppy seeds) and rice after extraction. Small seeds and grains can get stuck in the tooth sockets and cause infections as well as pain.
  • Avoid smoking: Smoking or pulling of the smoke causes negative force in the mouth. This can cause the blood clot to get out or break off.

Avoid acidic foods: Avoid eating acidic foods such as vinegar, soft drinks and sweeteners. They can worsen the pain.

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