Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

An overview of what you should know when getting wisdom teeth removed.

Getting wisdom teeth removed is necessary only:

  • If they are not correctly positioned and tend to grow sideways jutting into the next one or backwards
  • In case your wisdom tooth does not erupt completely in the expected form causing impaction or
  • Due to their incorrect posture they tend to accumulate food particles which don’t get swept by the bristles while brushing
  • If it’s causing a slight misalignment of the jaw bone that is disturbing  how your face looks.

 Care you need to exercise when getting wisdom teeth removed:

  • Immediately after the surgery don’t bother to rinse your mouth at least for the next 24 hours. After this gently rinse your mouth with a mild anti-bacterial mouthwash every 4 hours after each meal. Alternatively you could gargle with warm water and a pinch of salt added to it.  This should be a part of your oral hygiene for the next few days till you recover completely.
  • After getting your tooth pulled you will bleed in the operated area for the next 24 hours undoubtedly. Your dentist will leave you with a cotton gauzed pad, bite on it often gently and replace it once it’s fully soaked with blood. If the bleeding persists beyond 24 hours then you need to inform your dentist.
  • Getting wisdom teeth removed always makes you look red in the outer cheek which may tend to swell. Apply an ice pack to reduce the swelling.
  • After the surgery you’re bound to have pain. Your dentist will prescribe a suitable painkiller depending on the severity of pain.
  • During the healing process you may notice tiny pointed bone fragments arising on the gum line. Don’t get worked up as these are not roots of another upcoming wisdom tooth. In case it causes irritation you can simply get them removed.
  • If you’re an arid smoker remember you should not smoke immediately following the surgery as its nicotine content will cause a dry socket and hinder the healing process.
  • Effectively smoking also tends to decrease the supply of blood to the blood clot formed in the area of operation.
  •  Women who are on OCP (Oral Contraceptive Pills) are more prone to dry socket after getting wisdom teeth removed.
  • First 24 hours post surgery you need to be on strict cold liquid diet. In case you wish to drink some juice don’t use a straw to sip, as sipping can disrupt the blood clot formed.
  • After getting wisdom teeth removed your diet should comprise of only cold foods like frozen yogurt, ice-creams, thin cold soups, puddings, etc. Don’t savor any type of food hot or warm.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction is followed by stitching up the hollow space. Usually these days the dissolving type thread is used. If the conventional one is used then you need to visit the dentist once more to get them removed.

Remember to keep your mouth clean despite the pain as eating the right food and oral hygiene determines the speed of recovery.

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