How to Fix Wisdom Teeth Coming In Sideways?

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars (largest teeth in the mouth). This tooth is the last tooth which grows in the mouth. Wisdom teeth can occur at the age of 17 and 21. Since the wisdom teeth erupt at last it can either be impacted under the gum and bone. However, there are some problems which can develop during the eruption of wisdom teeth – wisdom teeth coming in sideways. The wisdom teeth are usually pushed inwards near the teeth or outwards near to the inner region of the cheeks. So, it does not have much space to erupt properly and this can lead to wisdom teeth growing sideways.

Side –Effects of Wisdom Teeth Coming in Sideways:

  • It causes severe pain during this condition of the tooth and people often opt in taking medications and painkillers as to get relief from the pain.
  • It makes the area where wisdom teeth are growing sideways so raw and sensitive that even grinding of jaw causes an intense pain in the mouth and face.
  • It creates a great difficulty while eating any solid food.
  • The tooth which is growing sideways can make a cut in the cheeks and it can cause injury to the skin as long as the jaw is being used.
  • This type of injuries will lead to infection, pus and bleeding in the cheek and mouth.
  • Use mouthwash during this condition because brushing can be difficult on the sensitive area.
  •  The wisdom tooth which is pushing near other teeth can push those teeth and can cause loosening of the gum. It can also cause infection in the gum.
  • The eruption of wisdom teeth coming in sideways can cause fever and headache.
  • It swollen up the outer cheek causing discomfort and severe pain.

Treatment for Wisdom Teeth Coming in Sideways:

The best treatment for the wisdom teeth growing sideways is extraction of the tooth. The extraction can be done on the third molar or on the developing molars. The surgery procedure for the extraction of wisdom teeth is mostly followed by using anesthesia on the patient. Anesthesia such as Novocain injections is injected to the jaw. The dentist cuts the gums with the surgical tools and extracts the wisdom tooth from the gums. Basically, 2 or 4 teeth are extracted throughout one session of surgery.

Preparation for Wisdom Tooth Extraction:

  • Check on the recovery manual from the dental surgeon.  Read the manual carefully and do purchase all the stuffs which are mentioned in the manual list.
  • During the surgery do wear the right clothes which is loose fitted and comfortable. Try on wearing sweat pants and a comfy t-shirt and don’t opt on wearing tight-fitted clothes.
  • Purchase recovery supplies before the surgery. Go to the pharmacy and buy all medications which are needed during the time of your recovery.
  • Relax yourself and follow your dental surgeon’s suggestion on consuming food and water. Take a good rest before surgery.
  • Consume on soft food products such as soup, ice cream and yoghurt which will be beneficial during your recovery period.


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