Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

Well if you just got a wisdom tooth let me take you through the history of wisdom tooth. It is said that the early men like us developed their wisdom tooth after the second molar set like us. The distinct difference lies in the fact that they put their wisdom tooth to a greater use while we think it’s customary to get them off. This can be attributed to the fact that early men fed themselves with roots, wild berries, raw fruits, veggies, etc. this kind of a coarse diet made use of the extra tooth – the wisdom tooth. Today our modern day diet consists of much softer foods (most of them being highly processed) and as such our fellow dentists opine that these creatures simply don’t serve any purpose in the human body. However, the question Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth? arises now.

If you find yourself fitting into Case 1 then don’t bother to get your wizdom tooth/teeth removed if you’re in Case 2 then learn more about the removal and the care you need post surgery to help yourself recover soon.

Case 1:

  • If your wisdom tooth has erupted fully in the expected form
  • If it is positioned correctly at the right angle
  • If it does not interrupt the normal biting or chewing activity
  • If it does not cause any pain or noticeable irritation
  • If it is easily reachable by the bristles of your angular tooth brush and can effectively clean the tooth

Case 2:

  • If they have failed to erupt properly resulting in impaction. Impaction may be caused due to non availability of sufficient space to erupt in the right form, obstruction caused in the tooth pathway by the existing teeth or incorrect angulations.
  • If they are causing severe pain and cannot be treated with antibiotics in the long run.
  • Due to their awkward positioning if food particles are getting trapped inside and around the tooth on accumulation they can cause bacterial infection resulting in severe pain. If unchecked the pain can propagate to the ear.
  • If the onset of a wisdom tooth/ teeth is causing misalignment of the jaw, it may tend to make you look a little different and this may worry you if you’re conscious of how you look.

What happens if you fail to get your wisdom tooth removed?

In case you have an impacted wisdom tooth, in case of an infection failure to remove it can give rise to various gum diseases eventually leading to bone loss.

You also run the risk of developing small cysts or tumors around the impaction area. Sometimes to make it worse it could turn out to be malignant.

Whether it’s for your health or just a cosmetic purpose check with your dentist to find out if is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth or in case of slight pain arising out of a mild infection and can be controlled with antibiotics or topical gel applications. It is still better to have a second or third opinion to confirm if a surgical extraction is really needed in the first place.



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