What Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost without Insurance?

Wisdom teeth lie at the last row of the upper and lower teeth. Wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary when it happens to come out from side to side or erupts incompletely through the gums or happens to get trapped in a crowded tooth. Wisdom teeth eruptions can cause severe pain and swelling. If left without clearing, it can damage the neighboring teeth as well as damage the bones and the nerves. Moreover, wisdom teeth can lead to infections.

Wisdom teeth extraction is pricey both with insurance and without insurance. But if you’re insurance company has insurance plans that covers your dental procedures, then some of the expenses can be reduced to a certain extent. Wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance is decided base on several factors.

Factors that determines wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance-

  • Initial consultation and x-ray: The primary process starts with consultation and x-ray. Without insurance one can expect around 300$ during these initial procedure.
  • Sedations and anesthesia: Since wisdom teeth removal involves a complex surgical intercession, local anesthesia is used to numb the extraction site. There are different types of anesthesia you can choose from. The cost can be doubled base on the type of anesthesia used. Intravenous sedation can cost around 300 to 600$ and nitrous oxide sedation can go anywhere around 50 to 200$ (depending on the surgery).
  • Experience and popularity of the surgeon: Though everybody wants a trained, skilled and efficient dentist to remove their wisdom teeth, it is almost impossible for a common middle class individual to afford the expense without insurance. So, again the skill and popularity of the surgeon can determine the cost of the wisdom tooth extraction. An inexperienced and untrained dentist may charge you lower price than a skilled and experienced surgeon.
  • Severity of the case: If the surgery is complex, then expect for higher cost. If the tooth is easy to be removed, the cost will be lower. But if the procedure is complicated, the cost will be very costly. If the wisdom teeth have erupted partially or have become impacted it will need a surgical procedure to remove it. This can cost you more than a naturally erupted tooth. Furthermore, cost can go higher if more time is required to carry out the procedure.  Simple tooth removal can cost around 128$.
  • Number of wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance is also base on the number of wisdom teeth to be extracted. A single tooth may be cheaper and cost around 128 to 380$. If all of the four wisdom teeth are to be removed then the cost can come up to 975$. This will include consultation, x-ray and medication fees.
  •  Surgeon’s location: Wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance in small town or mid-towns can be cheaper than that of big metropolitan cities.

Wisdom teeth removal is however pricey if you do have insurance plans too. American dental association has developed a sequence of codes that will help people in finding solutions to increasing dental procedures. These codes will help individual to understand a particular procedure easily. Anyone can ask the dental office representative to give the code number of ADA to know the exact fees and services they provide.


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