Wisdom Teeth Recovery – What to expect and how to cope with the pain

If you have bid bye to your wisdom tooth and now sulking about the hole left in your gum or a sore mouth here’s what you need to know.

Undoubtedly the 24 hours post surgery you’re going to wriggle in pain and discomfort. However, you could help yourself with the following tips:

  • Killing the pain with painkillers: The foremost recovery tool in the process is painkillers which the dentist will inevitably prescribe you. You might need to take one immediately after the surgery to subside the pain. Commonly mild pain killers like aspirin is given. But in case of severe pain or depending on the complexity of the surgery you may be put on stronger ones like codeine.
  • Know what to eat and what not: Close monitoring of the dietary intake post surgery is crucial for quick recovery.  Your dietary intake for 24 hours after the operation determines the length of the recovery period. Solid foods should be completely avoided and the intake must be restricted to thin liquids like soup, fruit juice, gelatin etc. Remember not to use a straw while drinking as sipping can dislodge the blood clot and decelerate the recovery process.
  • Brush it off gently:  

Post surgery, your oral hygiene must be at the peak, though it might be difficult to open your mouth widely to clean. Use a baby soft brush to gently brush. However, don’t touch the area which has been operated upon and the ones immediately next to it. Rinsing your mouth can help to keep it clean and fight against infection.


Until 24 hours following the surgery you are likely to have a swollen face, depending on the severity of the pain and the body’s response.  Soothing the outer cheeks with an ice pack can give you some relief.

  • Control the bleed:

Along with swelling bleeding is another common post surgery problem you need to deal with for at least 24 hours post extraction. The bleeding will persist until a fresh blood clot is formed to fill up the socket. Immediately after the removal the dentist might leave a cotton gauze pad in your mouth. Gently bite it and replace it periodically after it is fully soaked with blood. In case you continue to bleed heavily beyond 24 hours it calls for immediate medical attention.

  • Just chillax: Of course a surgery doesn’t leave you in good spirits so just have your loved ones if possible around to cuddle you. In case you were on sedatives during the surgery process you may feel dizzy for a while so have someone with you to help you move.
  • Say NO to those puffs: In case you fag, remember no matter how tempted you are not to let your hands reach those nicotine creatures for at least a day. Immediate smoking can disrupt the blood clot and hinder the healing process.

Post surgery care:

  • Usually the dissolvable type thread is used for stitching, but in case the stitches are not self dissolving kind you may need to visit your Mr. Dentist again a week after the surgery to remove them.
  • Remember to rinse your mouth with warm salt water often for at least 20 seconds focusing on the operated area to ensure it remains clean.  Besides, it also provides relief to the pain.
  • With the right diet and good oral hygiene you must have successfully reached the other end of your road to recovery within a fortnight.


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