Wisdom teeth removal recovery time

Undoubtedly a surgery is bound to leave you in painful low spirits remember your wisdom teeth removal recovery time is dependent on what you eat and the oral care and hygiene you exercise daily following the operation.

What you can do to fasten your wisdom teeth removal recovery time:

  • Immediately after the surgery you need to carefully monitor what you eat and keep your mouth as hygiene as possible despite the pain. This will help in hastening your recovery time.
  • You can take some pain killers to give relief. Avoid taking aspirin pain killers as the blood tends to become thin and causes more bleeding.
  • Ideally the bleeding should stop after the first day, but your saliva might continue to be slightly pink in color for the next few days.
  • Your dentist would have left a gauzed pad in the extracted area, put pressure on it and hold it firmly. Replace it once it’s fully soaked with blood. Remember it’s a lot of saliva and little bit of blood that your losing so don’t panic. In case, the bleeding continues beyond 24 hours post surgery check with your dentist.

If you don’t have enough gauzed pad then pick up a black tea bag, dip it slightly in water, fold it in the centre and use it like a gauzed pad. The tannic content in the bag will help to reduce the bleeding.

  • Sleep on 2-3 soft pillows piled up to keep your head high. Don’t bend or do any kind of exercise immediately after the surgery.
  • While your jaws might tend to stiffen, you may experience pain while opening your mouth to eat or speak.
  • After the extraction procedure a blood clot will be formed in the operated area. If this blood clot in the extracted area moves out as a result of sipping a straw or smoking or eating hard foods your likely to have a dry socket and will experience severe pain. Healing will take longer time as formation of a new blood clot is required. Brush your teeth very gently to prevent dislodging of the blood cloth.
  • You should not eat anything hot, warm or spicy. Stick to foods like thin soup, gelatin, cold puddings, ice-creams, fruit juice, smoothies, etc.
  • Remember to finish the course of the prescribed antibiotics. The pain might make you keep your mouth closed all the time, make efforts to open it slowly as an exercise to prevent permanent limited opening.
  • Usually by the end of the first week the pain and swelling should have considerably subsided and help you resume to your normal activities.
  • Though the healing of the gums takes around 4 weeks from the time of surgery. But this time period may vary depending on the procedure followed for extraction.
  • While healing is taking place you might be irritated with small sharp bones arising on the surface of the gum line. Don’t mistake them to be roots of another upcoming tooth. This is normal and will wear off by itself. If you can’t wait then simply get them plucked by the dentist.
  • In case your dissolvable stitches haven’t yet fully dissolved on their own even after the time period mentioned by your dentist you can get them removed by him easily and is a painless procedure.

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